Watch out, it’s Zombie Time!

Zombie Walk 2014The 8th annual Adelaide Zombie Walk is on this weekend on Saturday October 11 from around 3 pm at Rymill Park. This event gets bigger every year with several thousands of regular citizens donning costumes and make-up to become the living dead for a shuffle through Adelaide’s CBD. This year the walk returns to Rundle street, great  for zombies, but we’re not sure what the Rundle street diners will think!



zombie stuff

Some of our Zombie related items on display

We love zombies here at the library, we have a huge range of zombie related stuff for loan. You can even buy a Zombie Librarian calendar from here which features some of our current and previous staff as library zombies!

Zombies on Sunrise

Some time ago, several members of staff were made up as zombies for a calendar shoot called Attack of the Zombrarians. It was a lot of work for the effects artist, but great fun and a chance to show that library staff have a great sense of humour.

More recently, one of the photos from the calendar was used by The Advertiser as part of the promotion for the National Year of Reading.  It was great to see the interest rekindled as it was followed up by a reporter from Weekend Sunrise, wanting to do a televised story about the ‘zombies in the library’.

One Thursday night after closure, when the Library was dark, the wind was icy and the rain poured, the zombies rose again – with the final piece screening on Sunrise on Sunday 10th June. If you missed it check it out here.

Zombies in the Library

Earlier this year a small group of staff from Tea Tree Gully and other Libraries volunteered their after-hours time towards the creation of a calendar, entitled “Zombies in the Library.” Coordinated through the South Australian Library & Information Network (SALIN), the project created a professional development and networking opportunity with a difference!

Shot entirely out-of-hours, the calendar aimed to celebrate libraries in a completely new way, through addressing topics as the role of the Zombie at the Information Desk, the frustrations faced when the Undead hog the photocopier, and for cataloguers, poses the eternal question: Dewey Number 299.675 or 398.21? You might recognise some of the faces next time you pay us a visit!

The calendar can be previewed here:

Zombie hand reaching up from a pile of books.

The Zombrarians are rising!