Video Dominoes Clip Hits 10 000 Views!

Just over two years ago, we made the decision to debit our video cassette collection. Since 2005, no new films had been released worldwide on video cassette, and the space the collection occupied could be better used to accommodate the ever-growing number of DVDs in the collection.

As part of the collection’s “send off” we decided to play dominoes with the deleted cassettes. The domino line made its way around the entire library, passing every major collection before finishing up in front of the DVD shelves. The spectacular was filmed and uploaded to YouTube and I am pleased to say that last week, it hit the milestone 10 000 views!

Why not check it out for yourself?

Do you YouTube?

We do! The library now has a brand new YouTube channel that you can see here! This is where you’ll be able to see videos of some of our fantastic events, info bites of library services and announcements, interviews with staff, virtual library tours, ‘Behind the scenes’ short library docos, and probably plenty of other things we haven’t yet considered. Bookmark the YouTube channel!

And here’s a taste of what’s on there…