Self checkout is coming

This year we started work on our latest major project – self checkout!

There’s a lot to tell you about it, so we’ll post regular updates to let you know what we’re up to. Here are the basics for now…

Why self checkout?

The aim of this project is to embrace the latest in library technology – Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) – to improve the speed and accuracy of our everyday work. Every library item will have an RFID  tag, enabling them to be scanned via radio waves instead of the old barcode scanners. It’s faster than our current process and will be accurate, private and convenient for you.

What will be different for me?

When you want to borrow something, you will be able to bring it up to one of our brand new self checkout machines. You just place your card on the desigated spot on the machine, put up to 5 items at a time on top, and collect your receipt at the end.

Anstey borrowing books

What about the current self checkout machine in the Library?

You may have noticed that our current self checkout machine is looking a bit outdated, and doesn’t always work as well as it should. The new machines replacing this will be much better – and they can check out DVDs too!

What is the Library doing now to prepare?

We’ve been ‘weeding’ the collection to clear up anything that’s old, unused or easily replaced. We are holding regular book sales to sell everything that we take off the shelves – keep an eye out for the next one.

We are also in the process of putting an RFID tag in each of our items. We’ll tell you more about this soon.

When is self checkout coming to the Library?

 We’re hoping to launch in mid September. Stay tuned for more information.

Won’t self checkout mean that library staff will lose their jobs?

No! There won’t be any fewer staff around, but our role out in the Library will change. As well as helping you use the self checkout units we’ll also have more time to show you around, help you place items on hold, locate a hard-to-find book or help set up your smart device for eBooks.

Awful Library Books

Awful Library Books is another blog that we came across  when looking at other libraries’ links and websites. This blog lists a variety of books that librarians have found in their collections that are either extremely outdated, contain concepts that are foreign to today’s library users and thus no longer relevant,  or feature topics about obsolete technologies. Most libraries usually have a strong weeding system, where items that fall into these categories are removed from the collection, this blog demonstrates that some titles fall through the gaps, remaining on the shelves long past their use by date. Have a look and leave a comment, or if you can think of some you may have come across at your library let us know!