National Volunteer Week 2012 – Every One Counts!

We are most of the way through National Volunteer Week but it certainly isn’t over! On Thursday, a group of Library Volunteers went on an exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes’ Library Tour that took them to the depths of the Library’s backrooms and gave them an opportunity to see, first hand, the all important mechanics of running a large library service.

Library Volunteers with tour-guide Symon on the ‘Behind the Scenes’ Library Tour

On a similar note, there is a lot of work carried out by our Volunteers that extends past the Library doors which makes a huge difference in our community. The City of Tea Tree Gully Library has over 90 volunteers who contribute their time and skills to help us deliver Library services and programs to meet the needs of many people in the Tea Tree Gully community. They’re all extraordinary people and we’d like to say thanks!

Happy National Volunteer Week!