Great new stuff on our library catalogue

Have you searched the Library catalogue lately?
If you have in the last couple of days, you will have noticed some extra features when you found the title you were after.

The Library now has LibraryThing for Libraries as an enhancement to our catalogue which uses the resources created by users of the LibraryThing website. 
Each title features book reviews , ratings, suggested titles “you might also like…” and tag browsing to help you find other titles of interest to you.
You can even review and rate titles you have read, directly in the catalogue by simply clicking on Review this yourself and starting a New reviews account. We look forward to seeing some reviews from our Library patrons!

So if you haven’t visited lately, go to the catalogue, search for some titles and check out the new features. We’d love to hear your feedback about it, so please add a comment telling us what you think.