Autumn reads

Library staff have continued to do a lot of recreational reading over the months and we’ve collected some short reviews of titles we’ve read this Autumn.

heaven1Heather recently  read ‘The five people you meet in Heaven,‘ by Mitch Albom. “I loved the gentle language that Albom uses and his insights that assist people who consider their lives unimportant, to realise their lives really have tremendous value and are worthy of appreciation.” It’s a great read which makes you laugh and cry.

danielcraigSonya has just finished reading the biography of current James Bond actor, Daniel Craig. ‘Daniel Craig‘ by Sarah Marshall tells the story of how he wished to be an actor from a very young age and was actually supported by his mother in his decision. She encouraged him to move to London to pursue his dream, first gaining bit parts in variety of television shows and appearing on the stage before his break into film where he would normally play the villain. An interesting look into the actor’s life.

bridge‘Bridge to Terabithia’  by Katherine Paterson, which in 2008 was made into a film, was reviewed by Carly.  “It’s about a boy called Jess who befriends a new girl at his school and the friendship that forms between them when they create an imaginary kingdom in the woods. It surprised me because when I read it I was expecting some extremely clichéd story about friendship and magic. Instead, the story tackles some difficult issues using language that is easier for younger people to understand. I think this book would be suitable for readers of any age, but particularly those aged 10-12 who are starting to read longer novels.”