Library stocktake – the finale!

If you’ve been following the progress of the recent library stocktake on this blog, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve now finished the process of scanning all the items on the shelves in all of our collections.
Reports have been generated, figures collated and sums done.

 The results have been very encouraging in that we only have around 2% of our total stock “missing” which equates to about 2500 items.  This reflects really well on both our local community as a whole  and on Library staff’s management of the collection.
Thanks to all our patrons for their patience during the Library closure days and while we finished off during opening hours.
A pat on the back must go to to all the staff involved with the stocktake. Well done for getting it all completed so quickly and efficiently.

Stocktake – take two

We continued our stocktake today in the Relaxed Reading Area, doing the magazine collection. Thanks to all our understanding borrowers who waited patiently until 11am to read their favourite magazines!
Thought we’d share some photos with you of what stocktake looked like while the Library was open.

You may see something similar over the next couple of weeks in the Teen and Local History areas, as we finish off the whole process.

Stocktake nearly finished…phew!

As you know, we closed the Library for a couple of days last week to do a stocktake. A mammoth effort by staff over the two days resulted in us completing the stocktake in all but three areas, which we will finish off over the next two weeks. We’re confident this won’t cause too much disruption for our borrowers.
As well as stocktaking during the closure, staff and our fantastic volunteers worked hard weeding collections, shelf checking, reshelving, checking in items returned through the chutes and cleaning!
Here’s some pictures taken over the two days to give you an idea of what was going on.

 By the end of the two days, we were all pretty tired but happy with what we achieved as a team and happy with how clean and orderly the Library looked!


Library closing for stocktake!!!

This is how we do it!

The Library will be closed on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 August to enable us to conduct a stocktake. 

During the closure we will be able to complete the two largest areas – Adult Fiction and Adult Non-Fiction. However, as this is such a large project in a large library, the stocktake will continue while the Library is open, during the week beginning 23 August. This may result in temporary limited access to some collections. Signage will indicate which areas are affected.  

Found a missing one...makes it all worthwhile!

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we are confident that the stocktake will result in a more accurate library catalogue and will make it easier to find items on the shelves.  

This is how we'll feel by the end of it!

The return chutes on the Eastern wall near the Library car park will be open for returns during the closure.

Normal services will resume on Saturday 21 August.