Alway in Denial – Ray Clift’s second novel

Local author Ray Clift is launching his second novel, Always in Denial, at a special launch on May 19. Always in Denial draws on Ray’s experiences as an SA Police Officer and a Court Sheriff Officer to create a story based on those people he has met on both sides of the law. Ray describes it as a story that is as topical yet as old as mankind, featuring denial, justification and revenge. More info is on the website.

The Journey of Hamlin Baylis Wells…

ray-clift-police-officer…is local author Ray Clift’s first novel which will be launched at the library on April 8th! Ray is a retired police officer and draws upon his almost five decades of law enforcement work as he weaves a tale of a police officer’s journey of self-discovery and atonement after an impulsive act that conflicts with his convictions and career. Copies of The Journey of Hamlin Baylis Wells will be on sale at the launch with a wine and cheese supper. Information on times and bookings are available from the website.