Surprise book of the month

Beautiful Goats cover.docxBeautiful Goats: Portraits of Classic Breeds

Written by Felicity Stockwell  and photographed by Andrew Perris

I have noticed that Library staff love putting Beautiful Goats: Portraits of Classic Breeds on display and it always gets borrowed. So what is so appealing about this unusual title?

I asked myself “Why do we love goats?” They eat almost everything and can butt you in the backside, then appear to laugh about it.  However, goats are also sweet natured and have pretty faces. They have personality. Maybe they are endeared to us from childhood, when we listen to the story of the brave Billy Goats Gruff outwitting the vile troll on the bridge. One of my colleagues also told me that goats have become nearly as popular as cats on the Internet.

In the first few pages of Beautiful Goats: Portraits of Classic Breeds, Felicity Stockwell looks at the history and cultural significance of goats. She writes about the agricultural products derived from goats, goats as pets, wild goats and show competitions. However, the greatest part of this book is devoted to showcasing 40 breeds of goats. Photographs are accompanied by specific information about each breed that is featured.

These goats are simply photogenic and definitely beautiful. Each goat is photographed against a simple grey background, which reflects the colour of the book’s covers.  They do not require any other artifices. Andrew Perris skilfully manages to capture so much expression on each of these animal’s faces.  The goats look proud and happy to be photographed on set. They raise their heads in regal poses as if to say “This is my good side”.

The final section of the book ‘Reportage’ takes a fun look inside a goat show, where black and white snapshots are posted billboard style, accompanied by cute captions.

It is worth browsing through this lovely book, whether you have an interest in agriculture, you would like a cheeky pet or even if you just enjoy clever photography. You can reserve Beautiful Goats: Portraits of Classic Breeds. Or enquire next time you visit the Library.



Pets and Poems at the Park

The Tea Tree Gully Poetry Festival is in full swing!

Small different pets

Sunday features the family event, Pets and Poems in the Park, at the Ridgehaven Dog Park , Ashley Avenue, Ridgehaven from 12.30 until 2pm.

Bring your pets, bring your family and listen to poets telling hilarious stories about their pets through poetry. No bookings are required.

And don’t forget tonight is our  Poets and Pizza at the Pub event at Inglewood Inn and Saturday afternoon features the special War Poets at the Tea Tree Gully Memorial Park.

Pets + books = ?

A few weeks ago we had a visit from a customer wanting to talk about something she had borrowed. Unfortunately her mischievous cat had gotten to the book when she wasn’t looking, and some of the corners had been chewed.

The title in question? “You can train your cat” by Gregory Popovich.

carly 002

Books chewed by customers’ dogs are also reasonably common, and in one case we even had a book brought back in pieces after it was destroyed by a sulphur-crested cockatoo!

If you’d like your pet to be better behaved – whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, rat or rabbit – we have a great selection of pet training books that may help out.