Our computers are back!


Thanks for your patience during our offline period.
We’re yet to solve all our PC issues but at this stage you can come in and use most of the PCs to access the Internet and all other applications, and print your documents.
Access to scanners and the Local History computer will resume as soon as possible, as will the ability to make future bookings.
We’ll let you know as soon as possible when our computers and booking system are back in full operation.

We’re offline…

… until Thursday. All this means is that whilst we transfer our database over to the new One Card system, we currently operate in a ‘bare bones’ mode. Unfortunately until we ‘go live’ on Thursday you are unable to log in to your account via the catalogue, place requests, or renew items online. However once we go live on Thursday you will be able to see the entire One Card network’s catalogue, request any items and renew your items twice!