Native Plants – Benefits and threats

Local garden and conservation guru, Jeff Reid will be hosting one of his popular Saturday gardening talks at the Library on May 7th. In this session he’ll be talking about the use of local native plants for your garden, and also on the negative impact of weeds in the region. He will also answer your native plant, weed, and general gardening questions. Further info will be available on our website. Bookings are essential, as these session are popular!

Jeff is a member of the Australian Plants Society and regularly speaks on radio about South Australian conservation projects.

The true nature of indigenous plants…

calostemma… was a very successful seminar held at the library just last Saturday, run by local conservationist Jeff Reid. Jeff drew upon his wealth of experience with native flora to speak for a couple of  hours about the vegetation that is indigenous to Tea Tree Gully and why we need to conserve it.

hopevalley-2Jeff directs a native conservation scheme at the Hope Valley Reservoir, and is the co-ordinator of the ‘Conservation of our Threatened Species‘ group.

In June Jeff is returning to talk about ‘Garden Escapees’, how regular garden plants can become noxious weeds when they escape from your yard!