Motoring – Do’s and Dont’s circa 1923

motor dosThe Library has a quaint little book, Motor Do’s and Don’ts,  which is a recent reprint of a 1923 British handbook for motorists. When first published, motoring was still in its relative infancy with only one in ten people owning a motor vehicle, and those who did not were relegated to the category of ‘ those who envy those who own motor-cars.’

The book is full of gentile suggestions and hints on  how to behave as a motorist, not only when driving, but also how to arrive ‘spotless and unruffled’ which is especially pertinent to the ‘very modern phenomena of lady drivers.’
It also discusses the need to regularly grind your valves, and perform other oft-required maintenance tasks, and the the correct way to provide hand trafficator signals.

It even talks of technical marvels such as the possibility to have a wireless in your car, albeit with a ‘sheet of metal slung over the roof’ as the aerial!

A fascinating read, if more for the descriptions of values and expectations of post-Great War British society than those about motoring.

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