Farewell Maggie…

Just before Christmas, Tea Tree Gully Library said farewell to Library Officer Maggie Orr, our longest ever serving staff member.

Maggie was part of our team for the past 26 years and made selections for the Library’s Travel collection.

Here at the library Maggie is known as someone full of sass and wit, always armed with a snappy comeback and quick to ground anyone showing airs or graces.

She is also one super stylish woman, with her quiff of white hair and black-rimmed glasses being her trademarks. So chic! Who ever said librarians were dowdy?

maggie pic

Those were the days – a younger Maggie smiles for the camera

In December 2014, Maggie was formally awarded her 25 years of service certificate, along with fellow Library staffer Grace D’Costa.

Back then she hinted  she was thinking about retirement, but gave no indication when.

Maggie 2

Being presented her certificate for 25 years of service by Library Arts and Culture Manager Helen Kwaka in December 2014

That was, until November 2015 when she finally said ‘That’s it.’ The decision was made. Maggie would call it quits to travel, sleep in and so much more.

In her farewell note (read by Tricia at her goodbye morning tea) Maggie wrote:

‘Well, for the last time I am talking to you as my work colleagues. I sincerely want to thank you all for your friendships over the years. I have really enjoyed my time and the Library, and it is with some sadness that I say farewell.

I am looking forward to a future full of doing all the things that there never seemed to be time to do. I will watch something on TV that goes beyond 10.30 at night! I will refuse to get out of bed before 8.30 in the morning! I will watch ALL of the Tour de France no matter what time it finishes!! I will go to the beach and build sandcastles! Fly the kite that I was given a year ago and even jump in puddles if I want to! I will visit the city as if I were a traveller from far away and do things a tourist would do!

Never having experienced retirement before I am hoping it is everything people say it is, and if not then I will make it everything it should be!

I will not say goodbye, just see you later.’

We will miss you Maggie. Hope you’re having lots of coffee, swims and planning epic holidays.

Trish reading Maggie's farewell note.jpg

Tricia reading Maggie’s farewell note


Morning tea

The generous spread….if you squint you can see Florentine slice on the back left – Maggie’s favourite

Maggie Orr