The Big Christmas Wish!

Christmas is a time ensconced in tradition and one such tradition is the annual Childrens and Youth teams’ Living Book Performance! This year they performed ‘The Big Christmas Wish’ based upon the children’s book; Where teddy bears come from by Mark Burgess. Check it out below!

There will be two encore perfomances of The Big Christmas Wish during the school holidays on December 22. Check out the website for details.

Living Library

The City of Tea Tree Gully Library will be holding a Living Library event on Wednesday 20 October. The aim of this event is to provide a positive, friendly and informal experience where people feel they can have a conversation with someone they would not normally meet, but from whom they have something to learn.

This is your opportunity to have a conversation with a ‘Living Book’ – someone of a particular stereotype or profession who has many stories to tell. The Living Library enables groups to educate people and challenge the most common prejudices in a safe and relaxed environment.

This year’s event gives you the chance to speak to 10 ‘books’ including a funeral director, Metropolitan Fire Service firefighter, nun, car enthusiast and indigenous elder. What do you want to ask?

Date and time: Wednesday 20 October from 10:00am to 3:00pm
Venue: City of Tea Tree Gully Library Relaxed Reading Area
Bookings: No bookings required

While this event is aimed primarily at high school students, members of the public are welcome to attend. For more information please phone 8397 7470.
See you there!

Captain Crabclaw’s Crew – Living Book Performance

Argh and ahoy! Shivering Shellfish! Blistering Barnacles?! Captain Crabclaw and his most unusual pirate crew have hoisted their main sail and are on their way to the City of Tea Tree Gully Reader’s Festival!

When Captain Crabclaw advertised for a crew for his new ship, the Speedy Squid, he didn’t expect to get a duck, a cow, an elephant and a giraffe! This rollicking tale of swashbuckling and scrambled eggs will delight landlubbers young and old. So, bring along your children or grandchildren to the City of Tea Tree Gully Library on Saturday, the 7th of August, 2010 at 1:00pm for the Living Book Performance of ‘Captain Crabclaw’s Crew’ written by Frances Watts and illustrated by David Legge.

Frances Watts has worked as a bookseller, editor and author. Her first book for children, Kisses for Daddy, also illustrated by David Legge, was shortlisted in the 2006 Children’s Book Council Picture Book of the Year Awards. Her second project with David Legge, Parsley Rabbit’s Book about Books was the Eve Pownall award winner in this year’s CBC Awards.

There’s something for everyone at the City of Tea Tree Gully Reader’s Festival!

Curious @your library – What do you want to ask?

13-Promotion_Graphical_FULL.inddJuly 25 sees the first Living Libraries  event held at the Library, where you can meet some Living Books!

What is a Living Book?
A Living Book is a person! They may be someone representing a stereotyped group, or a person who has lead an interesting life and has many stories to tell. Some of the Living Books include: A Halal butcher, a lesbian tattoo artist, a person who married into an extended family from a different land, an international  relief aid worker, someone living with mental illness, a police officer, and a variety of others!

How does it work?
Meeting a Living book will be a positive, informal experience. You can browse the catalogue of Living Books to see who is on offer and when the people you would like to speak to are available. You will borrow (reserve) a block of time to have a conversation with one of the Living Books on offer. Each loan period between a borrower and a Living Book would be 15-20 minutes. There will be several Living Books for loan and you may borrow as many as you wish in the allocated time. Library staff will be on hand to assist you with this process.

What do I do to meet a Living Book?
Book your place for this event at the Library or telephone: 8397 7333. More information will be available from our website.