Bookworms connect online

For those of us who love reading books, then talking about them with others, (and let’s face it, that’s most of us, isn’t it?) …

Check out this list of cool social networking sites for book lovers. It includes Library Thing and Book Crossing.

bookcrossing:n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.


Fast fact: 70 book crossing books were released around Australia last week.

The City of Tea Tree Gully released several books last year, perhaps it’s time for us to do it again?

Change to Wireless download limits


If you access wireless internet at the Library, you will need to be aware of the pending changes to the wireless access limits.  

The aim of the Public Library Services Wireless Network is to provide the best experience in terms of speed and availability to the largest number of users.
An analysis of data taken shows the majority of wireless users accessing the internet for email, research and web browsing are suffering due to the minority of users downloading/uploading large volumes of suspect content.
To ensure that wireless internet access is fair and equitable to all, from 30 June, there will be a change to the default wireless access limits.

New Default Wireless Access Limits:
Default Download/Upload Limit: 30mb per day
Daily Total Download/Upload Time Limit – No Longer Available

Tell us about your technology

If you visit the Library soon, particularly to use a computer, you may see some red and blue postcards with lots of little photos on them.

Please help yourself to a postcard and fill out the back. Tell us about your technology, how you stay connected and interactive with the world. Drop it in a postbox, and the stories will go to the Thinker In Residence who will tell Premier Mike Rann how South Aussies are using Technology.

Or visit the SAstories blog to comment directly online.

 Your story could help shape the policies of the State for the future!

And don’t forget to mention how great it is that internet is freely available at public libraries!

Keeping up with books…

On Monday I was at home fighting off a head cold.  While this is not something to be celebrated, by chance I happened to tune in to The Book Show on Radio National.  The show features anything and everything related to the written word.  Instead of falling asleep, I was captivated for thirty minutes as I heard about the new book by Christos Tsiolkas and a piece on the National Poetry Slam final (TTG Library hosted the first South Australian heat!) to be held at the Sydney Opera House this Thursday evening.

If you are working or out and about, you can’t always be at home to listen to a radio program.  However the ABC has come to your rescue as it provides many of its programs available for downloading as a podcast.  With The Book Show, you are able download particular segments or the whole program, providing you with the opportunity to listen when and where you want.  
Why don’t you have a listen today!

RSS …what’s it all about?

Ever wondered what that little stripey, orange and white icon is on websites and blogs or what RSS means?
Well, the clever folk from Common Craft have put together a great video which explains the whole thing visually and in plain English. Have a look at it below and discover how subscribing to RSS feeds can help you keep up to date with your favourite websites more easily.

There are many other websites that explain RSS which you may like to visit.  Some good ones are:

You can search Google for more RSS information by typing rss in the search box.