Classic Graphic

The Odyssey: adapted from the epic poem by Homer

Adapted by Thomas Roy and illustrated by Greg Tocchini

Get back to the classics! The Library now has graphic novel adaption of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. The great bard’s exciting adventure lives on in a new format for a modern audience.

It can be difficult to plough through the original verse of the Odyssey and readers who have read the prose version or who like Greek or roman myths will particularly enjoy reading the graphic novel. Although more concise, Roy’s adaption remains faithful to the content of the original epic poem (would he dare to do otherwise?). The Odyssey graphic novel also features a section on what we know about Homer’s life and works.

What I have always enjoyed about reading classical literature was imagining the gods and mythical creatures. So the graphic novel format lends itself to these tales through the colourful illustrations of the Greek gods and specifically in The Odyssey, monsters. The Mediterranean countryside and architecture are also well illustrated. As expected, the illustrations depict the larger than life heroes as handsome and muscular and the women beautiful and curvaceous. Both wear clothing that shows off their attributes! Parents should be aware that The Odyssey contains adult themes.

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