Harmony Day 2012 – wrap up!

Harmony Day celebrations were a huge success here at the Library with over 400 hands being decorated and displayed as part of the special craft activity – ‘Hands Across Our Community.’ Storytime sessions with a Harmony Day theme that ran across the week were also a great way for children and adults alike to share in the fun.

Our Library staff members also got involved by wearing orange, the official colour of Harmony Day.

Thanks to everyone who took part and helped to make this a vibrant and colourful celebration of cultural diversity in our community.

‘Hands Across Our Community’ for Harmony Day

Harmony Day, on March 21, is a celebration of cultural diversity across Australia. It is a wonderful opportunity to understand and reflect on how Australians of many backgrounds live together, and Imagemake our democratic nation and our local community better places.

 ‘Play, Engage, Inspire’ is the key message for Harmony Day this year and we hope that everyone will find an activity to get involved in and inspire others to do the same.

The Library is running activities to celebrate Harmony Day from 13—20 March. Express your identity by creating a unique set of hands that can be displayed in the Library from Tuesday 13 March, or join us for special Harmony Day themed Storytime sessions on Monday 19, Tuesday 20 and Friday 23 March from 10:15 –11am.

No bookings are required and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Harmony Day 2011

Harmony Day 2011

For Harmony Day on March 21st, the City of Tea Tree Gully Library hosted a display showcasing the diversity of style and creativity within our community. 

The ‘Harmony Day Hands’ were coloured in and decorated by local children and as you can no doubt notice, each one is fantastically unique in its own way.

Many diverse hands


Cultural Extravaganza!

This year The City of Tea Tree Gully Library celebrated Harmony Day over two fabulous and fun filled weeks. In the first week of celebrations we held several Harmony Day themed Storytime sessions and Hand Decorating workshops both specifically designed for the littler members of our Community. These sessions were not only lots of fun but also educational, promoting respect, fairness, inclusion and a sense of belonging for all.

In the second week the Community was invited to an evening of culture when the Library played host to the annual Kulture Klub event. Held every year to mark Harmony Day, this event, run by the City of Tea Tree Gully Council’s Youth Development Team, is a celebration of cultural diversity featuring dance, art and cuisine from around the world. Those in attendance were treated to displays of Tai Chi, Karate, Irish Dancing, Salsa and African Drumming. Guests were also given the opportunity to sample multicultural food including Japanese, Italian and Indian as well as participate in various craft workshops.

With the key message of Harmony Day this year being ‘Everyone Belongs’ it was fantastic to see so many people  joins us in celebrating this very important event.

Burundian Drummers performing at Kulture Klub Event

Harmony Day 2010

Harmony Day is a nationwide event held on 21st March each year. The key message of Harmony Day is ‘Everyone Belongs’ with the aim of highlighting and addressing issues of cultural, racial and religious intolerance by promoting respect, fairness, inclusion and a sense of belonging for all.

This year to celebrate Harmony Day  the City of Tea Tree Gully Library held several ‘Hand Decorating Workshops’ specifically designed for children.
Each child was given a paper hand to decorate in any way they chose, along with lots of glitter, sequins, pom poms and stickers. The end result was absolutely fantastic with each hand representing the uniqueness and individuality of that child. The hands are on display throughout the Library for the next week or so, as a symbol of the cultural diversity and inclusiveness of our community.
So come and check them out!