AVCon is coming!

Now in it’s 12th year, AVCon, Adelaide’s Anime and Video Game convention, will be blasting off from next Friday 18 July through to Sunday 20 July at the Adelaide Convention Centre.




From humble beginning at Adelaide University in 2002, AVCon has grown to be one of the largest Anime and Gaming conventions in the country featuring a range of activities, competitions, panels, gaming, cosplay, traders and special guests.

Did you know that the Library has a huge collection of resources to suit the AVCon attendee?


Are you an Anime, Manga or Graphic Novel fan?
Check out our gigantic Graphic Novel, Manga and Anime collection! From Antman to X-men, Aegis to xxxHolic, and Anime covering classics like Astroboy, Bleach, OnePiece and Naruto to the complete Studio Ghibli collection, there’s something to suit you.

The_Art_of_The_Last_of_Us_05Are you a gamer? Interested in the background of game design or perhaps the artwork of some of the latest interactive masterpieces?
We have a large range of titles on game design, becoming a skilled gamer, and glorious game art books like The Art of The Last of Us and Valve Presents; The Sacrifice and other Steam powered stories.


Perhaps you’re a Cosplayer? Steampunk fashion
Check out our costume resource collection with books on sewing, craft, and DIY. We also have a growing collection on Steampunk fashion and accessories.

You can check out everything happening at AVCon over on their website or visit their Facebook page for up-to-the minute news.

Classic Graphic

The Odyssey: adapted from the epic poem by Homer

Adapted by Thomas Roy and illustrated by Greg Tocchini

Get back to the classics! The Library now has graphic novel adaption of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. The great bard’s exciting adventure lives on in a new format for a modern audience.

It can be difficult to plough through the original verse of the Odyssey and readers who have read the prose version or who like Greek or roman myths will particularly enjoy reading the graphic novel. Although more concise, Roy’s adaption remains faithful to the content of the original epic poem (would he dare to do otherwise?). The Odyssey graphic novel also features a section on what we know about Homer’s life and works.

What I have always enjoyed about reading classical literature was imagining the gods and mythical creatures. So the graphic novel format lends itself to these tales through the colourful illustrations of the Greek gods and specifically in The Odyssey, monsters. The Mediterranean countryside and architecture are also well illustrated. As expected, the illustrations depict the larger than life heroes as handsome and muscular and the women beautiful and curvaceous. Both wear clothing that shows off their attributes! Parents should be aware that The Odyssey contains adult themes.

Search the online catalogue on the Library’s website to check out our growing collection of classics in graphic novel format.

The Night Bookmobile

Must be the time of year for quirky books that take my eye. This newest one is a graphic novel by The Time Traveler’s Wife author Audrey Niffenegger titled The Night Bookmobile. It’s protagonist, out for a walk in the middle of the night, comes across a mobile library that is filled only with the books she has read. It’s ultimately a symbolic book, illustrating that what we have read makes us who we are. It only takes a few minutes to read, but leaves an impression one would expect from a large novel.

Watchmen… Who’s watching?

watchmenThe seminal Graphic Novel released in 1986 is making the break to the big screen this year, and from what has been released thus far looks to actually be one of the few comic interpretations that live up to the original.

Set in an alternate USA that is edging closer t0 nuclear war with the Soviet Union, the regular costumed vigilante superhero is outlawed, only those who are employed by the Government are allowed to continue their business.  During the investigation of a murder, one of the outlawed superheroes uncovers a plot to eliminate other heroes driving tensions within America and against the USSR to breaking point.

Set to be a smash hit for 2009, read the orignal story first at the Library. We have three copies of Watchmen for loan.