Floods and libraries

The recent flooding in Queensland and Victoria has been horrendous and our hearts go out to all who have been affected. You may be wondering how the Library is assisting our counter-parts in these affected areas.

Fortunately for those communities, damage to their public libraries has been minimal. Public Libraries SA (the governing body that supports all Public Libraries in SA) is working with their equivalents in Queensland and Victoria to ascertain what practical assistance is required. At the moment, we’ve been advised that the Libraries are in recovery mode and thus cannot deal with donations of resources until they have determined what collections are damaged,  how they can be assisted and when they have the staff available to process donations. So, at the moment we won’t be sending any donations until Public Libraries SA indicates it’s appropriate to do so. However if you’re interested in aiding those affected by floods financially you can donate via the Queensland Premier’s disaster relief appeal or through the Red Cross Victorian appeal.