Spotlight on: Fiona McIntosh

ImageFiona McIntosh was born in England and spent several years of her early life  travelling the globe with her family before settling in Australia when she was 19. Her primary career was in the travel industry, before she claims ‘a mid-life crisis… for the sudden shift to becoming a full time author.’

Her early novels are of the fantasy genre and her first,  Betrayal, part one of the Trinity trilogy, was snapped up by the first publisher she sent it to, a very rare thing for an author. She then went on to write three more fantasy trilogies, as well as some children’s fiction and lately large historical epics. Her latest book, The Lavender Keeper was released just last week.

Fiona will be visiting the Library to talk about her life and her writing on May 28 at 6.30pm. Bookings details will be available on our website.