More library trivia

shakespeare9Continuing to answer the library trivia questions, I was also asked what is the most famous book or author in history.
Defining the most famous book in history has got to be an impossible task, as it is totally subjective. Is the most famous book the biggest bestseller? The one that most people have read? The one that had the most impact on society?
I can hardly discuss them all in a blog post but if we narrow it down to the most widely published and highest selling book ever, the Bible takes first place. Over 4 billion copies have been printed since the invention of the printing press (and incidentally it was the first book printed on a press) in more than a thousand different languages.
If this is the case would the authors of the Bible be the most famous? Actually no, the most widely read author in history is of course  William Shakespeare, but if we’re talking within the last fifteen years, J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame takes the prize.
However, I’m sure if we were to say within the last year, Stephenie Meyer would have to be at the top!