Baby Bounce babies learn quick and develop skills fast

Baby Bounce

Some of the regulars who attend Baby Bounce at Tea Tree Gully Library

The benefits of Tea Tree Gully Library’s Baby Bounce and Rhyme program are immense for babies and their mothers. In 2014 the Library added a third weekly session of Baby Bounce due to demand – and ever since, that session (Friday 12-12.30pm) has become our most popular timeslot!

Baby Bounce regular Elizabeth Cragg-Sapsford, from Modbury North brings baby daughter Lillian to a session every week. She said she was the first in her group of friends with children to hear about Baby Bounce and give it a go.

‘Lillian loves it. She does all the actions and is a quick learner. You just have to say ‘Open shut them’ to her and she starts doing the actions,’ Elizabeth says.

‘I love to be busy and I love to engage Lillian. Baby Bounce is free and it’s at a good time for me on a Thursday – it fits in with my life and my to-do list. It’s part of our routine.’

Lillian was born premature, and even though doctors had recommended various specialists and programs at leading Adelaide hospitals to improve her development skills, Elizabeth says she’s never required them.

‘Lillian was a premmie baby and since doing Baby Bounce she hasn’t had to go to any special development appointments or classes at the hospital. She hasn’t needed it. She has the same language skills and sounds as any other baby her age. She can make heaps of different sounds. When she says ‘hi/bye’ it’s really clear. Same when she says ‘mum or dad’.

Growing up, Elizabeth was surrounded by a family deeply involved in music, something she wanted Lillian to experience as early as possible.

‘Baby Bounce puts music into her life, it’s like music therapy. She’s doing so well.

‘At the hospital they offered a pediatric class and physio/speech therapy sessions for early born babies and I haven’t had to do that at all with Lillian or give her any special intervention.

‘Seeing Lillian engage in singing and nursery rhymes has been great. She wasn’t a baby who initially slept well. Now she seems more relaxed and settles easily.

‘I’ve met another lady through Baby Bounce and we’ve become close and now we have formed a friendship group. All of the kids get along really well.’

It heartens Elizabeth to see Lillian’s bright eyes, smiling face and quick responses at the Baby Bounce sessions, which she plans to keep attending, until she’s ready for the next level – Toddler Time!

‘I think the group sessions work. I could have looked up nursery rhymes on YouTube and played them to her but then she wouldn’t have had the group stimulation or seen all the babies around her doing all the actions. It’s definitely helped me as a mother, taking her to the Baby Bounce sessions and participating in a group and something bigger.

‘She loves it – she’s already starting to clap when we walk into the library.’

Baby Bounce is held at the Tea Tree Gully Library three times every week. It is an interactive way for parents and carers to introduce babies to the enjoyment of sharing nursery rhymes, action songs and simple percussion instruments. Sessions are lively, interactive and stimulating for both babies and carers. For ages 0-2 years.


Wednesday: 10:30am – 11am

Thursday: 10:30am – 11am

Friday: 12 -12.30pm

Baby Bounce sessions are all free! No bookings are required. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to get a seat. Please note sessions are only held on Thursdays during school holidays.

New Early Learning Kits to help our kids

After being inspired by results from the Australian Early Development Index (AEDI), the Library has added more than 50 new early learning kits to its collection.

Julie, our Children's Librarian with some of our new early learning kits.

Julie, our Children’s Librarian with some of our new early learning kits.

With a focus on emotional maturity and social competence, the new kits contain material that can help children to learn, manage their feelings, make friends, and solve problems  by covering topics like:

  • Starting school
  • Friendships
  • Learning new things
  • Feelings
  • Sharing
  • Visiting the dentist or optician
  • Plus many more

These kits are a valuable teaching aid for parents and carers of young children, as well as professionals.. They have been created on The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia principles – Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Each themed kit is categorised into age groups – 0-2 years; 2-3 years and 4-5 years – so selecting the appropriate material for your child is easy. The kits contain books, activity toys and include Parenting SA Easy Guides that are appropriate to the theme.

Early learning kits have been in our collection for a couple of years and are very popular. They are available to loan for 2 weeks.

Reading to man’s best friend

For children who have reading or learning difficulties, the idea of reading aloud to an adult can be intimidating, which I think is fair enough. What if you get the words wrong, or you miss a page?

 So as a promoter of literacy skills, and a big fan of dogs, I love the idea of the programs in Australia and overseas, where school children read aloud to dogs, to help them gain confidence and a love of books. 

Ask your child to read to their pet, and let us know how they go!

Books and Babies – it’s never too early to start

Is there a baby, toddler, or young child in your life?
Do you enjoy reading to/with them but aren’t sure which books to choose?
Would you like to learn more about your baby’s development and the best ways/times to introduce basic concepts like colours, shapes, or the alphabet?
Looking for some hints on using rhythm and movement?
This year’s Readers Festival at the Library has just the answer: Opening Doors to Early Literacy with Dr James Thomas.

Presenter at Tea Tree Gully Library's Readers Festival 2011

Dr James Thomas


James has 30 years teaching experience in the USA, completing postdoctoral work in early childhood. He developed the special early literacy programs whilst a children’s librarian in the Pacific Northwest area of USA.




There will be two sessions run on Saturday July 2.

In the first, Ready to read – learn about the six early reading skills, how they relate to brain development, and ways to integrate them into daily life.

In the second, The Young and the Restless: Activities and Ideas for Captivating and Communicating with Ones, you will learn how to introduce concepts like alphabet, counting, shapes, and colours; developing self-concept; choosing appropriate book titles; using rhythm, movement and songs in everyday events.

All participants need to bring a blanket and teddy bear and wear comfortable clothes for sitting on the floor.

Time: 1.00pm – 4.30pm
Venue: Community Learning Centre
Cost: Free
Bookings: 8397 7333

The word is out!

This Friday and Saturday, visit us at the Library for the 2011 Readers’ Festival.

Chloe Irvine

The Festival kicks off on the morning of Friday 1 July. An official launch will be held from 5:30pm, with a special performance by local musician Chloe Irvine.

Refreshments will be provided and Mayor Miriam Smith will announce the winners of our ‘Judge a Book by its Cover’ competition.

At the Festival you can also:

  • attend a fun and educational Early Literacy workshop by US literacy expert James Thomas
  • try out a variety of e-book readers
  • learn how to use the Library catalogue
  • hear our Local History officer David speak about reading non-fiction for pleasure 
  • take the kids to see a performance by the much-loved Andy and the Bookworm
  • and more!

Andy and the Bookworm

Click here to see the full program, and remember to book by calling 8397 7333.

There’s something for everyone at the City of Tea Tree Gully Readers’ Festival!