Until the Light Takes Us

It came as a pleasant surprise to me that the City of Tea Tree Gully Library holds this DVD in its collection.

A somewhat underground form of music: ‘Black Metal’ is a style with heavy, gritty and even dirty sounding riffs, often with fast drumming that incorporates blast or thrash beats.
While there are a wide variety of themes attached to different Black Metal bands, the main focus of the genre is atmosphere: creating music that evokes a certain feeling.

Until the light takes us features Frost (Satyricon), Fenriz (Darkthrone) and the infamous Varg Vikernes (Burzum), a Black Metal musician who was released from prison in 2009 after serving almost 16 years. He was convicted of murdering fellow musician Øystein Aarseth (Mayhem) in 1993.

The main body of the DVD is interviews and explanations about the music, using still photography and old footage. It goes through the grim early days of the Norwegian scene, with emphasis on the murders and church burnings, and helps explain how the mistakes of its pioneers have (for better or worse) shaped the present day scene.

I personally listen to Black Metal for the atmosphere, rather than the often anti-christian or satanic themes, and contrary to the image that is often thrust into the public’s view, there are many great Black Metal bands that have no such controversial viewpoints. (Immortal) is one such example, a Black Metal band whose lyrics centre around ‘Ravendark’, a mythical king of cold and ice.

Viewer Warning – R18+ DVD containing strong themes that may distress some viewers.

80’s cult cinema on DVD

Any child of the 80’s would remember the style of films that dominated that decade. The John Hughes teen films, the B grade actions that normally starred Arnold, great sci-fi films of Cameron and Scott, and the cringeworthy comedies often starring Chevy Chase and John Candy. Films that brought brat packers like Molly Ringwald and the two Corey’s to shortlived fame and cemented directors like Cameron and McTiernan as leading names of the 90’s. 

The Library has recently stocked up on DVDs from the era, including Hughes’ classics like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles as well as action favourites Predator and the Die Hard films. Cult Sci Fi series Alien (and its three sequels) as well as a variety of Vacations featuring the Griswalds and Uncle Buck are also now available. So why not borrow a disc of nostalgia, and tell us what your favourite 80’s films were?

Our most popular item.

Black Hawk Down DVD CoverWe were recently fossicking around in the back-end of our Library System and discovered the identity of the Library’s most popular item. It happens to be a DVD copy of Black Hawk Down and it has been borrowed a whopping 367 times! That is not to say that some very popular books and DVD’s with multiple items haven’t been borrowed twice this much, but this individual copy of Black Hawk Down is our hardest working item.

Remarkable in a way, that a $35 DVD has been reused 367 times … that is quite an investment. It’s a good movie too!

Going on a holiday soon?

If you are, come and take a look at our collection of travel resources in Adult Non Fiction from 914 onwards. You’ll find all the popular travel guide books  from Lonely Planet, Fodors, Rough Guides and Frommers.

Travel area

Visiting London? - travel books and DVDs all in one spot

To make things easy and to provide a one stop travel shop, we’ve moved most of our travel DVDs, such as the Pilot Guides series and Rick Steves, from the general DVD shelves, to sit next to the books about the same destination in the Adult Non Fiction area.

Soon to be on the shelves!


We’ve also bought quite a few new DVDs to add to this collection, with more still to come. 

So when you’re planning your next trip, come and grab some guidebooks and DVDs to pick out the best places to visit before you go!

Bon Voyage Videos

I remember the first time I saw a movie on Video Cassette.

I was about three (or possibly four) years old. The film was Star Wars. Born the year after the film came out, the only way I had to see it was on video, and even then only when we were at a friends or my grandparents house, as we didn’t possess a video player.

Several years later, we finally purchased an Akai Video Cassette recorder and signed up with several local Video Libraries. The first film we hired was Ghostbusters.

Over the next decade and half, I hired, purchased or taped from the TV literally hundreds of movies. My very first job while studying at Uni was actually working at a local Movieland video library.

It was while working at Movieland that I first heard about this new technology coming that might one day replace Videos, much as Audio Cassettes and Vinyl had been superseded by CDs.

The new technology was called the Digital Versatile Discs or DVDs.

Initially DVDs could only be used to play movies, but now it is possible to record directly to a disc as well.

By 2005 movie studios began to phase out Video as a medium, with the last new film to be released on cassette being A History Of Violence.

 Over the last twelve months, the Tea Tree Gully Library has slowly been phasing out video cassettes in favour of DVDs.

As of the beginning of 2010, DVDs will be the only format offered by the Tea Tree Gully Library.

As a ‘last hurrah’ it was decided to conduct a ‘video domino’ tour of the library finishing at the DVD shelves.

To view the footage, click below.

 Goodbye Videos, you may be gone, but the good times will not be forgotten!

Who do you think you are?

SeptCoverSeen the show… now read the magazine! The Library subscribes to the WDYTYA magazine and September’s edition is now here. This edition looks at Devon ancestors, WWII ancestors and Kate Humble.
If you prefer to watch the TV program and enjoyed the first Australian series, you’ll be pleased to know that the second series of WDYTYA is due to start on Sunday, September 27th. It will feature Ron Barassi, Sigrid Thornton, Ben Mendelsohn, Maggie Beer, Christine Anu and John Butler.

The Library has the following DVDs of  Who do you think you are? available for loan:
UK Series 1
UK Series 2
UK Series 3
UK Series 4
Australian Series 1

We also subscribe to Australian Family Tree Connections magazine and Family History Monthly.
Your one stop shop to finding out who you are!