New DVD arrivals – Life of Pi and The Hobbit: an unexpected journey

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Eagerly anticipating the release of two of the biggest films of this year? Well they have now arrived at the City of Tea Tree Gully Library! Place a hold on the Life of Pi and The Hobbit: an unexpected journey; both DVD and Blu-Ray copies are available. Enjoy!

It really is amazing what you can find on the Net

Possibly one of the stranger items I’ve come across while wandering through the vastness that is the Internet would have to be this page on the Catawba County Government, North Carolina website.

Simply titled “Who’s In Jail?” it is quite literally a list of every person currently in prison in the county. Along with the list of their crimes, you can peruse the amount of their bail, their age, the date they were incarcerated, and their mugshot… even their address is available for public viewing.

As far as I’m aware, we don’t do that sort of thing here in Australia… however, we do make documentaries about our more unusual prison stories, like
Jail birds: voices from the inside.”

Available in our DVD Collection, this 118min film, features the man who created the Choir of Hard Knocks, Jonathon Welch, as he goes inside an Australian women’s prison to try and form a new choir, offering possibilities of hope, inspiration and consolation through music to another section of our population that many of us would rather ignore.

Mmm… scones anyone?


Tea Tree Gully Library staff have becomes fans of my scones.  I add a special touch and make sultana or chocolate chip scones. ;o)

The secret is a simple recipe from the book 4 Ingredients.
Some of you may be aware of the popular, simple cookbook series, 4 Ingredients, 4 Ingredients 2,
4 ingredients : gluten free
4 ingredients : fast, fresh & healthy
Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham.  There is even a 4 Ingredients in the large print collection.
I wasn’t aware until recently that there is also a DVD.

Check out their website, where you can download recipes and an iPhone application via iTunes.

Currently in Coles and Bi-Lo supermarkets when you buy any two of the fresh Gourmet Garden herbs and spices tubes you can receive a free limited edition of 4 Ingredients cookbook  (offer valid until 9th March 2011).

Tip: Scones need a hot oven, bake in a preheated oven at 220C (425 F) for 10 minutes or until golden brown.  Get cookin’…!

It’s the week for love

"Must Love Dogs"

Have you ever had beloved family or friends arrange a blind date for you?
Ever wondered about online dating?  Some of you may have your own amusing tales about the search for love.

Must Love Dogs is an entertaining romantic comedy about Sarah Nolan,
a newly divorced women, rediscovering romance with help from her enthusiastic, often misguided, well-meaning family.
(Check out the trailer!)

Starring Diane Lane, John Cusak and Elizabeth Perkins,  Must Love Dogs is adapted from the novel by Claire Cook.

TV Shows from the 80s – nostalgia available at your library.

airwolf01As a late Gen X’er I grew up watching loads of  fun action television shows from the 1980s, that featured lots of cool characters, hi-tech machines, exotic locations, explosions and questionable acting. Now with the availability of  DVD these ‘classic’ television programs are available from the library, enabling people like myself to relive our childhoods through cult shows like MacGyver, Family Ties, Airwolf, Knight Rider, and Transformers just to name a few. What TV shows did you grow up with? And if you’ve relived them, were they as you remembered?