Reconciliation Week displays

There are no less than three interesting displays on in the Library this week, being the start of Reconciliation Week and also History Month.

Take a walk around the Library starting from the foyer, where there is an exhibition of artworks by local Gully Winds Elder group members. Then just inside the library entrance is a touring banner exhibition giving the history of the 1967 Vote “Yes” referendum on the rights of Aboriginals to vote. You might want to allow a few minutes to read all eight sides of the banners.


Then make your way around to the back of the Mac Suite to the classroom to view the 12m long Aboriginal History Timeline on display. Come and be amazed by the richness and vastness of Aboriginal history. Allow a few minutes (or more!) for this educational read, too.

Gallery 1855 is hosting an exhibition of Australian Aboriginal Art Today with Curator’s Talk on June 7, check details here.

For more information on other events around the City of Tea Tree Gully, click here.

Motorbike on display

If you happened to visit the library within the last five days, you may have noticed a motorbike parked near the Information Desk.  No, we aren’t allowing people to park their motorbikes inside the library now!  It’s an  electric motorbike and it’s here to feature in our sessions with school groups for Children’s Book Week.

The theme for Children’s Book Week is Fuel your mind, and classes visiting the library in the past week have been able to see and hear the motorbike in action.  Being electric there is very little noise – and no pollution from petrol fumes.

A number of interesting conversations have occurred with people visiting the library and viewing the electric motorbike, wanting to learn more and reminiscing about their own riding experiences.  Find out more information about the electronic motorbike at Vectrix. If you missed out on seeing the motorbike, we’ve taken some photos which will be posted on our photo page soon.