Curious @your library – What do you want to ask?

13-Promotion_Graphical_FULL.inddJuly 25 sees the first Living Libraries  event held at the Library, where you can meet some Living Books!

What is a Living Book?
A Living Book is a person! They may be someone representing a stereotyped group, or a person who has lead an interesting life and has many stories to tell. Some of the Living Books include: A Halal butcher, a lesbian tattoo artist, a person who married into an extended family from a different land, an international  relief aid worker, someone living with mental illness, a police officer, and a variety of others!

How does it work?
Meeting a Living book will be a positive, informal experience. You can browse the catalogue of Living Books to see who is on offer and when the people you would like to speak to are available. You will borrow (reserve) a block of time to have a conversation with one of the Living Books on offer. Each loan period between a borrower and a Living Book would be 15-20 minutes. There will be several Living Books for loan and you may borrow as many as you wish in the allocated time. Library staff will be on hand to assist you with this process.

What do I do to meet a Living Book?
Book your place for this event at the Library or telephone: 8397 7333. More information will be available from our website.