Library chutes are open again!

The new chutes are open and ready for your returns.

The renovations to the Library return chutes and chute room have been completed and the chutes are open for business.
We’re pretty happy with the results.

Here’s a peek at what lies behind the wall…

Our new bins and moveable checkin equipment.

To follow the project from start to finish, view our Chute Room Renovations 2012  album on Facebook at

The chutes are closed!

From Tuesday March 13, the 24 hour return chutes will be closed whilst we renovate the chute room and the equipment inside. We expect this will take around a week. During this time items can only be returned within the Library during regular opening hours. However if this is inconvenient feel free to return your items the following week as you won’t incur any late fees for items due during the closure!