Around the world in 92 minutes

Fast becoming the world’s first celebrity astronaut of recent times, Canadian Chris Hadfield has recently published his second book titled; You are here: Around the world in 92 minutes.

you are hereLeaping to fame via a range of social media stunts performed whilst commander of the International Space Station, Hadfield has successfully made modern space travel accessible, if not in person, at least vicariously through social media to the general public.



This book is primarily a photography book, but as Hadfield says ‘I didn’t want my pictures to look like satellite images, I wanted them to have a human element, to express a point of view.’ They certainly are a view, featuring many secrets of Earth’s topography that are influenced by the light, weather, the seasons, new growth, destruction.

chris-hadfield-s-you-are-here-1099702-TwoByOneThe book brings some of the sense of awe Hadfield and his colleagues felt every day from orbit, and provides a greater perspective, both physically and philosophically of Earth. Definitely worth a look!

Hadfield’s previous book, An astronaut’s guide to life on Earth is also available from the Library.