CFS Current incidents

Whilst we are talking bushfires, the CFS have a fantastic website called CFS: Current Incidents which allows you to track the fires and range of callouts that the CFS are currently involved with.

The website lists the current callouts of CFS units across the country and can be narrowed down by state and region. It shows the current status of each callout, and allows you to track a fire’s progress or how long until a road collision will be cleared. I was amazed to see how many callouts the CFS respond to and the range of different things, not only fires and road crashes, but trees down, loose animals and more.

It’s fascinating to see how many grassfires are caused by lightning storms in rural areas as well. The CFS certainly are unsung heroes!

Are you bushfire prepared?

With a dry Summer expected again and with many of our residents living in the Hills Face area or semi-rural regions, now is the time to prepare your bushfire prevention plan!

The Library is hosting Penna Kazla from the Country Fire Service on Tuesday October 30 who will provide some sound advice that could save you and your family’s life. This summer the Country Fire Service urges you to know your bushfire risk, understand the fire danger rating, have a plan, practice it and know exactly what you and your family will do prior to a bushfire. Research shows that homes and people who have prepared for bushfires, are much more likely to survive. Check our website for booking and time details.