Happiness is a clean carpet.

clean library carpet

The lovely clean carpet in the Children's Storytime area. But how long will it last?

Borrowers leaving the Library as we closed yesterday would have noticed staff hurriedly stacking chairs, moving tables, and clearing the entire space of its furniture. The disruption was to make way for the carpet to be cleaned overnight. The Library averages more than 1,000 borrowers per day, and over time their millions of footsteps take a serious toll on our carpets! Not to mention coffee spills in the cafe and relaxed reading areas, and the inevitable stains left after the Baby-Bounce, Toddler Time and Storytime sessions that we hold many times each week.

Meanwhile, if you want sound advice on removing stubborn stains in your own home, can we suggest the books of domestic cleaner extraordinaire Shannon Lush. But for the time being we’re a bit over moving furniture.

Behind the scenes… Sandy the security guard

Sandy works security. We can't show you her face.

Sandy works security. We can't show you her face.

Sandy works as one of the security guards in the library, who help us to close up at the end of the day and to provide security after hours. I recently asked what she likes about providing security here, as you can imagine some of her other patrol shifts are somewhat less engaging. “I really like meeting and interacting with a variety of people. Everybody is very friendly, even when I have to tell them it’s closing time.” Sandy says. She also likes seeing the range of events that are on and thinks that the library is very well laid out with an excellent collection.