Bay to Birdwood has changed!

ImageFor over 30 years Civic Park, in front of the Library, has hosted a large number of spectators, plus the odd car club or two on the last Sunday of September for the annual Bay to Birdwood. This year’s event is The Bay to Birdwood Classic, open to vehicles built between 1956 and 1977 and will be held on Sunday September 29th.

Alas, this year the route has changed significantly and will no longer travel along Northeast road to Birdwood, but will follow a less congested route up the South Eastern freeway and through the Adelaide Hills towns of Balhannah, Woodside and Charleston. The route map is available here. You can also head up to Birdwood to take in the sights and music of the era as the entrants are on display for most of the day.

So if you traditionally snag a spot along the old Northeast Road route, make plans to set up your chairs and the barbie on the Adelaide Hills road for what looks to be another spectacular event.

If you’re an entrant and need that last minute bit of mechanic help, you can check out our massive range of workshop manuals and automobile books!

Bay to Birdwood is coming!

As an avid classic car buff, The Bay to Birdwood is possibly my favourite day of the year. This year’s event is The Bay to Birdwood Classic, open to vehicles built between 1956 and 1977 and will be held on Sunday September 25th.

The procession of over 1750 vehicles leave West Beach at around 9.30am, travel through the city and up North East Road, past the Library, on its way to Birdwood. Hundreds of spectators set up picnic and viewing spots in Civic Park outside the library to view the run and at least one or two local clubs put on a sausage sizzle.

Recently we launched Bill Watson’s book The Bay to Birdwood Run- 1980-2010: History in Motion, a book chronicling the behind-the-scenes events that go on in the lead up to this iconic event. We also have a huge range of automobile books, plus arguably the largest range of workshop manuals of any SA library. These manuals cover vehicles of all makes and ages, so if you’re after that hard to find manual for your classic Honda Z, or Series One Landrover we’ve got it! This collection is not-for-loan so the manual you’re after should be on the shelf when you need it!