The Amnesty is Over!

salvos-logoThe Library’s Overdue Books Amnesty – “Food for Fees” – finished on 16th January 2009. Over six weeks Library patrons took the opportunity to return thousands of overdue books (up to six years overdue, mind you!), have 1000’s of dollars of fees waived, and make hundreds of food donations to the local Salvation Army. Staff and community members alike reported that the program was a positive “feel-good” experience. Most importantly, our efforts provided much needed support to local families in need, through the Salvation Army.

Food for Fees – An Amnesty on Overdue Books

Don’t you just hate those overdue book fees? Yes? Well, we have a solution …
Simply visit the library between 1st December and 16th January, make a donation of food to the Salvation Army, and we’ll waive your fees! All you need to do is place one non-perishable foodstuff for every $10 owed into the Salvo’s bin provided. Everybody wins! The community will benefit from getting its books back, borrowers will benefit from returning to the library and getting their fees waived, and more than 100 local families in need will benefit through the donations made to the Salvos!

For more information please telephone the Library on 8397 7333.

Please note, this only applies to overdue fees for late returns. The Amnesty does not apply to money owed for lost books. But if you wish to donate to this valuable cause regardless, then please feel free!