Adult Learners Week

The City of Tea Tree Gully Library aims to provide social, cultural and technological learning through a regular program of events, and through the provision and access to a wide range of physical and electronic resources for the whole community. This includes classes in Basic Computer Skills, Searching the Web, Local and Family History; practical seminars and workshops on health and wellbeing, finance, gardening and travel; author events and interactive reading workshops; access to multimedia items and computers every day of the week.

 Adult Learners Week highlights to the City of Tea Tree Gully Library the importance of providing these opportunities. We aim to provide a series of opportunities for individuals to participate in learning and gather a deeper understanding of what our area has to offer on an ongoing basis.

Adult Learners Week is celebrated annually from the 1-8 September. The theme of this Adult Learners Week is, “Your Learning Journey: Take the next step.”

Participants learned about environmental and cultural literacy options in their local community where they can continue to grow and develop: learning more about the environment in which they live and play, and how they can contribute back to the environment through more sustainable living and best practices. The other half of the learning was focused on the importance of local and family history: the impact that our stories have on bringing us to where we are today and where we will be in the future.

The Tea Tree Gully Walk of Environmental Literacy began with an enthusiastic introduction to the environment of the City of Tea Tree Gully, and then headed out to the Wynn Vale Community Garden. Participants also learned about the Gully Wetlands and various environmental initiatives of Council, as well as experience the beauty of nature. Morning tea was served with guest speaker, Penelope from the City of Tea Tree Gully Council, and then the group headed back to the Civic Centre through the Kingfisher Reserve.

The Cultural Literacy Bus Tour took participants on a journey through the streets as they took in our local history. Participants learned about our history with a tour of Houghton Cemetery, had morning tea and a tour of Highercombe Museum, then headed through the Wynn Vale Community Garden as they explored the impact and importance of our flora and fauna on the development of the character and culture of the City of Tea Tree Gully.

Get involved and discover the contribution that learning makes to the prosperity, health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and organisations.

Adult Learner’s Week

Do you want to feel more confident in speaking, reading or writing English? Or do you need assistance on the computer? Or perhaps you are looking to participate in a historical community bus tour of Tea Tree Gully?

If this sounds like you, then join the City of Tea Tree Gully Library on the 1st-8th of September 2010 for Adult Learner’s Week!

Adult Learner’s Week is celebrated annually from 1-8 September. It aims to celebrate and promote all forms of adult and lifelong learning, highlighting the importance of literacy within the community.


  • Email Clinics for beginners
  • Basic Computer Skill Sessions
  • Adult Literacy programs
  • Highercombe Museum
  • Houghton Cemetery
  • Neighborhood development
  • The Gully Wetlands
  • Chat with SA Water about conservation
  • And much more…

Get involved and come discover the contribution that learning makes to the prosperity, health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and organisations.

Be a part of the Adult Learner’s Week 2010!

Adult Learners Week at Tea Tree Gully

UNTITLED-3The first week in September is Adult Learners Week, an international festival of adult learning. Throughout Australia there are hundred of events, workshops and seminars aimed at informing and educating Australian adults. This year the Library in conjunction with the Council’s Community Services  are putting on an array of different free activities. There’s a local history and cultural bus tour, taking in some historical sites around the region including the Highercombe Museum and Houghton Cemetery. There’s also a walking tour of the local wetlandscomplete with council guide and a rep from SA Water. There’s also a few Internet type workshops being held at the library and at one of our community houses. Check out the website for all the details.