The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

Fan’s of Alexander McCall-Smith’s unique and endearing novels about the “only lady private detective in the whole of Botswana” will be pleased to see that ABC1 is now screening a TV Series based on the books. But as we often say in Library-land, “Why watch the movies when you can read the books?”, as many of these titles and others by McCall-Smith are available from Tea Tree Gully Library! If nothing else, it is a perfect time to revisit these modern classics.

Confused about technology?

ABC Technology Explained


Don’t know your iPad from your iView?

Well help is at hand from the ABC via the new Technology Explained page on their website.


Explanations and information about the digital world including topics such as streaming vs downloading, mobile phone technology, Facebook and Twitter, as well as podcasting and digital TV plus much more are all there for your demystification!