AVCon is coming!

Now in it’s 12th year, AVCon, Adelaide’s Anime and Video Game convention, will be blasting off from next Friday 18 July through to Sunday 20 July at the Adelaide Convention Centre.




From humble beginning at Adelaide University in 2002, AVCon has grown to be one of the largest Anime and Gaming conventions in the country featuring a range of activities, competitions, panels, gaming, cosplay, traders and special guests.

Did you know that the Library has a huge collection of resources to suit the AVCon attendee?


Are you an Anime, Manga or Graphic Novel fan?
Check out our gigantic Graphic Novel, Manga and Anime collection! From Antman to X-men, Aegis to xxxHolic, and Anime covering classics like Astroboy, Bleach, OnePiece and Naruto to the complete Studio Ghibli collection, there’s something to suit you.

The_Art_of_The_Last_of_Us_05Are you a gamer? Interested in the background of game design or perhaps the artwork of some of the latest interactive masterpieces?
We have a large range of titles on game design, becoming a skilled gamer, and glorious game art books like The Art of The Last of Us and Valve Presents; The Sacrifice and other Steam powered stories.


Perhaps you’re a Cosplayer? Steampunk fashion
Check out our costume resource collection with books on sewing, craft, and DIY. We also have a growing collection on Steampunk fashion and accessories.

You can check out everything happening at AVCon over on their website or visit their Facebook page for up-to-the minute news.

Thrill Me! Kiss Me! Kill Me!

New Kindle and Kobo e-readers to come and try

New Kindle and Kobo e-readers to come and try

Come to the Library next week to keep warm, feel loved, get informed, have fun, cuddle up and act out!

Feel Loved…I Love You storytimes for 3-7 year olds on Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 10.15am

Feel loved … Romance authors share their stories Monday 6.30pm and a glass of wine

Get informed…get a feel for the latest e-readers and how to access e-books on Tuesday at 11am or Thursday 2pm

Get informed and have fun…kids can learn how to solve crimes like a CSI on Wednesday at 10.15 or 11.30am

Have fun and cuddle up…bring your family to the Dad’s Read Bedtime Storytime Wednesday at 5pm

Act out…play a part in a Murder Mystery, become a teen vampire or live to tell the tale from 6pm Thursday.

All this and more is happening for our Readers Festival… call 8397 7333 or go to our website for more information or to book.

Vampires in the Library These School Holidays


zombie carlyThese school holidays when the library has closed and the lights are out, it will transform into the Terrible Castle of Baron Castain. Teens are invited to spend an evening of mystery and adventure at the library where they will navigate their way through a series of challenges, vampires and murder, in true Murder Mystery Party style. Guests will need to engage their acting and improv skills while they mingle with fellow guests and find their way through the winding castle to safety – but they must be wary of who they can trust! With awards and prizes on offer for best acting, best costume and most dramatic death (as well as many others) guests will be sure to put on an incredible performance while they solve the grizzly mystery.

If you are 12 years or over, then join us for dinner and fun – if you dare!

Find this event and our full school holiday program here.

Who: Ages 12-18

When: Thursday 10 July, 6.00-8.00pm

Where: The Terrible Castle of Baron Castain (City of Tea Tree Gully Library)

Cost: Free

Dinner provided

Bookings: Essential on 8397 7333

The Freedom Writers Diary a Review


The freedom writers diary

The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them. (The Freedom Writers with Erin Gruwell).


The Freedom Writers Dairy is a Number 1 New York Times Bestseller and it is easy to see why.

Written by teenagers during their four years of high school, it is easy to assume that it is like any other teen diary. It’s not. The entries are not named, but each is given a number. The diary entries show the lives of teenager who at the age of 14 or 15 have seen more dead bodies than a mortician. It tells of the life of a girl who was in a refugee camp, a boy who, when playing a game of Russian roulette, saw his friend shoot himself, a boy whose mother stood on the side of the road looking for food or money. Many of the teenagers who have shared their lives through the diaries have either been in jail or juvenile detention or know someone who has. Their English teacher, Erin Gruwell, or Mrs. G as she was called, has written her own diary entries which show her struggle to engage the “unteachable” students and then how she fought to keep them together for their junior and senior years.

This novel is not for the faint hearted. It discusses topics which many shy away from in a frank manner and it opens our eyes to the struggles of students and their young English teacher who are not dissimilar from ourselves who are trying to fit in. The best part of the novel perhaps are the ten new diary entries which show their lives after leaving the safe comfort of their room 203 and high school.  The Freedom Writers Diary, in my opinion, is a stellar novel which confronts us in ways that you wouldn’t expect and gives us the challenge of changing our own lives for the better. It is a must read for any teenager.

Review by Nikita a member of the City of Tea Tree Gully’s youth book group Cover 2 Cover

The Youth Space Has Had a Facelift!

This year the youth space in the library has seen some colourful changes including the addition of new coloured shelving, comfy cushions and couches, and snazzy study facilities. The final addition to this funky yet functional space is a painted mural that has been designed and produced exclusively by a team of artistic young people aged 13-19 years of age. Over a period of two months, the creative youth team has worked hard to create a visual representation of what they think reading is all about, and the finished product displays an eclectic mix of images symbolising the endless possibilities of the imagination.

A big congratulations to the team for their efforts and an open invitation to all to visit the new youth space and check it out!

Internet and pizza – the perfect holiday combination!

Are you 13 to 16 years of age?
Need a break from your parents these holidays?
Looking for something to do on Thursday night?
Want two hours where you can Facebook, Minecraft, Twitter, Google+, and surf the Web while munching on pizza, listening to music, and drinking soft drinks?
Do we have a deal for you! 🙂
These school holidays, after the Library closes on a Thursday night, we’re running Internet Lock-ins for 13-16 year olds from 7pm-9pm.
NO CHARGE – all you need is your Library membership card.
Bookings essential: 8397 7333
Tell your friends.

Youth Area Refresh Update!

Our Youth Services Officer had a very good day on Wednesday (July 20th) with the arrival of the new furniture for our library’s Youth Area. Key pieces in the gradual refresh of this area have been placed in the newly expanded space – a raised study table with drafting chairs for four plus five modular lounge chairs for curling up on with a good book or to chat with friends.

Funky new furniture for the library

Need to study for exams? Try the new study table in the Youth Area.

Comfortable chairs for curling up.

Crash out on our couches with mates or for some quiet time with a book.

The new look, larger footprint, Youth Area!

A place to study, hang out, read, chill, and relax.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Are you counting down the number of sleeps until the upcoming epic fantasy film, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” is released in cinemas? Well, so is the City of Tea Tree Gully Library!

Join us on Monday, 18th July 2011 at Hoyts Cinema-Tea Tree Plaza at 6:30pm for a private showing of the final ‘Harry Potter’ movie, adapted from the book series by author JK Rowling.

“The end begins as Harry, Ron and Hermione go back to Hogwarts to find and destroy Voldemort’s final horcruxes, but when Voldemort finds out about their mission, their biggest battle begins and life as they know it will never be the same again.”

This movie is suitable for ages 12+ years. Parents please note, children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Bookings are essential. Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased at the Library Customer Service Desk.

For more information please call us on (08) 8397 7333 or visit the Library and while you’re here, check out our Harry Potter display.

Comfy purple and green chairs?

You may recall a survey and some design workshops for the soon-to-be revamped Youth Space occured over Summer.

A plan has now been devised for the Youth Space to be slightly extended, to include a dedicated group study space, and a lounge area for young people. 

We recently visited a furniture showroom to ‘road test’ the chairs and were pretty happy with the results!

Expect to see changes starting mid year, and further involvement from young people with the finishing touches!

Any comments welcome!

Create a place to hang out…

We want to know what youth in TTG want their space in the libary to be like. From our survey over the holidays, we know you want it to be comfy, a space for study and hanging out, relaxing, casual.

Our final workshop is on this Saturday to show some pictures of potential furniture, discuss layout and colours. Modern or retro, bright or muted, the choice is yours.

Miller’s Duct Tape Lounge Chair

Email Benita.wheeler@cttg.sa.gov.au to RSVP to the workshop on Sat 5 Feb 11:30am in the Library.