Creating a Facebook page for your business or community group

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When: Monday 18 July from 11:00 am – 12.15pm

Where:  City of Tea Tree Gully Library

Facebook logo It seems that everybody is on Facebook nowadays.

In addition to socialising online with your friends, Facebook can be a very effective vehicle to keep in regular contact with your business’s customers or members of your community group.

You can use your Facebook page to promote products and events, attract a new clientele and build relationships and goodwill with your existing customer or membership base.

If you are you interested in starting a Facebook Page for your business or community group, this free session will teach you the steps involved in creating a Facebook page and how to market to your audience.

Perhaps you have questions you want answered such as:

¨ Can I assign someone else to help manage my page?

¨ What is the best strategy to grow my page?

¨ Should I pay Facebook to advertise my business or community group?

Then this is the course for you!  Bookings are essential and can be made online.  Or telephone 8397 7333.



We’re working as fast as possible to bring you our new Digital Hub!

We’re sorry! stk112358rkeOur suite of computers is still unavailable until further notice. We’ve experienced significant complications with our hardware and software upgrades in preparation for our new Digital Hub.

We have this as our Number One priority! Our vendors and IT staff are working as hard and fast as possible to provide you with a new range of digital services.
Soon you will have free access to:

  • New hardware, including a suite of brand new iMacs to explore your creative side.
  • Superfast internet, HD video, Skype, Internet smart TV plus all of the benefits of superfast internet speeds, will be available to use and experience in the new Digital Hub.
  • A range of new technologies will be on display to interact with, learn about and help improve your digital literacy and confidence in this digital age.
  • A comprehensive range of free training, providing group and one-on-one sessions using smart devices, iPads, internet, Skype, shopping and safety online, showcasing the benefits of the NBN and more!
 In the interim you can:
  • Access the wireless network with a laptop or smart device and have free 24 hour internet.
  • Use the PCs at nearby libraries, including Ingle Farm, Greenacres and Campbelltown.
  • Many of the NBN training sessions are still continuing. One on one sessions are using portable devices connected to the wireless network. Groups sessions are being tailored towards a presentation style demonstration.
 We will let you know as soon as possible when our computers are back in operation.

PCs still unavailable

Just to update you on our PC issues from earlier this week, they are unfortunately still not available. Our IT department are working hard to get our PCs up and running as soon as possible, but continuing issues have meant that work will need to continue into next week.

All we know at the moment is that the PCs are unavailable until further notice – but we will let you know as soon as we know more. We look forward to providing PC access soon, and once again we apologise for the inconvenience.

PC issues

There was a misprint in this week’s Messenger newspaper which said our public PCs are back up today, but unfortunately they are still out of action.

 We are now experiencing a few complications with our PC booking system so we are unsure when our PCs will be available again – but we’ll let you know as soon as we have more information. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Our PCs are unavailable

 …but it’s for a good reason! 

The Modbury Digital Hub is taking shape in a big way, with some important renovations scheduled for this week. You may have read about this in our previous blog post

Our Training Room is looking a bit bare at the moment

Our Training Room is looking a bit bare at the moment

By Friday you will see some brand new computer desks in the Library, along with new carpet in the Training Room. We’re also eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Apple Macs over the next week!

We need to allow some time to get the desks installed and PCs reconnected, so our PCs will be unavailable from Wednesday 6 March until Wednesday 13 March.

In the meantime we recommend visiting Hive 12-Twenty Five or Salisbury, Campbelltown or Port Adelaide Enfield libraries to use a PC.

More NBN renovations!

Modbury Digital HubAs you probably already know the National Broadband Network (NBN) is rolling out across Australia, and Modbury is scheduled to be connected this year.

The Library will be home to the Modbury Digital Hub to demonstrate the benefits of superior internet speeds provided by the NBN. We are already rolling out a range of excellent training programs on digital literacy which you can see on our website.

In preparation for installation of the Digital Hub, the Library is renovating our suite of PCs which will impact on their availability.  The Training Room will undergo further renovations and will be closed from March 4 until March 13 inclusive.

The rest of the PCs in the library will be unavailable from March 5 to March 13 inclusive.

We look forward to providing you with a new Digital Hub in coming weeks!


Safer Internet Day 2011

Today is Safer Internet Day 2011.

To get some great tips about being safe,smart and responsible online go to Google and click the link to Read Tips and resources to keep your family safe online.

This  takes you to Google Family Safety Centre where you can learn about Google’s safety tools and view safety videos on Google’s YouTube channel.

More information can also be found at the Australian Government Cybersmart site.

No more training in 2010

The Library’s Internet Training program and Basic Computer Skills for Beginners sessions have finished for 2010.
Both will recommence in February next year.
View the Library’s Internet Training webpage in January for details of the 2011 program.

A great big thankyou to our wonderful Basic Computer Skills volunteers who have used their vast experience, skills and patience to assist over 300 computer beginners this year!
Their hard work has really been appreciated by those they have assisted and by the staff of the Library.

Need help with email?

Friendly help from our volunteersKeen to get started or already using email but have some more questions? We’ll help you to find the answers!
Bring along your query to a 45 minute, one on one session with our volunteers, where you can get help to start your own free web based email account with Yahoo or develop skills to send and receive emails, reply to and forward messages or send attachments.
Sessions are free and are held every Tuesday from 10am to 1pm, starting 9 June. Bookings are essential and can be made at the Library or by telephone on (08) 8397 7333.
Please note: These sessions can only assist with web-based email (if you already have an account, please bring along your login details and password) and do not cover Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.