Way back when, Wednesdays

Book drought makes history

The Tea Tree Gully Library service has always been popular! As featured in a previous Way back when, Wednesdays post the official opening of a new public library made front page news in the North East Leader, a Messenger newspaper, on 5 March 1969. The Library, which operated out of a mobile bus, had moved its service into the building which was formerly the Modbury Primary School and headmaster’s cottage, now designated as 561 Montague Road, Modbury. On page 3 of the edition dated 9 April 1969, the North East Leader reported on a possible book shortage after only one month, as the new library service had proved so popular with local residents.

Library fines

As stated in the Messenger article above, since the new library had opened, memberships had soared to over 4000 and nearly 10,000 books were on loan. Unfortunately many of the Library’s avid readers were not particularly conscientious when it came to returning their items and the Library’s book stock had become depleted.  Members had also failed to return 1,600 books which had been issued to them on the old mobile library.  When you think about it, for a building of its size, the Montague Road library actually had quite a substantial book stock.

The Librarian in charge, Mr. W. Bustelli thought that introducing a system of fines would motivate library members to return books on time. We don’t have information about whether library fine were introduced in 1969. We would love to hear about your experiences if you remember using the library on Montague Road!

Fortunately, in 2018 the City of Tea Tree Gully Library has considerably more items available for loan than in 1969. The Library holds approximately 64,000 books for adults, 25000 for children and adolescents, 4,500 magazines and 17,000 audio visual materials (this includes DVDs, CDs and audiobooks). You can now also access audio and e-books and take advantage of approximately 4 million items through the SA Public Libraries One Card Network. In 2017 the Library lent out an average of 73,210 items per month.


Boca Chica bar

The old schoolhouse building at 561 Montague Road, Modbury is now the home of Sfera’s ‘Boca Chica’, a Spanish inspired concept restaurant and bar.







Way back when, Wednesdays

All alone by the telephone

In the edition dated 18 January 1967, the North East Leader A Messenger Newspaper featured a series of articles about the new City of Tea Tree Gully Council building, which was located at 1020 Main North East Road, Modbury. This address is now the site of the Tea Tree Plus Shopping Centre.

Council building

This impressive new facility was officially opened by Premier Frank Walsh on Saturday 21 January 1967. The modern complex was outfitted with fluorescent lighting, naturally finished timbers, an acoustic tiled ceiling to absorb noise and a public address system.  A wide use of glass provided the interior of the building with adequate daylight.  The Civic Centre cost $140,000 and featured modern offices, a spacious entrance foyer, impressive Council Chambers and a large civic hall to accommodate up to 300 residents at public receptions or recreational functions.

Page 1 of the Messenger newspaper highlighted Council employee Janice Rogers, who operated the busy telephone switchboard and answered incoming calls from the public. As stated in the accompanying caption, Janice’s job entailed managing eight lines and connecting calls to the 28 extensions in the Council building.  We would really like to hear from Janice or from any readers who have recollections of working on an older style telephone switchboard.

Telephone operator

Since 1967 things have progressed significantly at the Civic Centre. Council is now situated at 571 Montague Road, Modbury. There have also been extensive changes to our telecommunications technology. Naturally the population density of the municipality has increased. Here are some fast facts: In 1967 the population of City of Tea Tree Gully was approximately 23,000. In 2016, the estimated resident population for the City of Tea Tree Gully was 99,518 (http://profile.id.com.au/tea-tree-gully).

The City of Tea Tree Gully now employees a total of 13 staff in the Customer Relations Department, who may work in Council’s Call Centre or at Reception in the Civic Centre. The old switchboard and line set-up no longer exists. Customers are automatically placed in a queuing system, which can handle a large volume of calls and redirect your call to the appropriate department. The City of Tea Tree Gully now has approximately 280 extensions throughout the entire organisation. Each month we receive approximately 6,500 telephone calls. That is a lot of people telephoning the Council but consider also that approximately one quarter of our communication with customers is made via social and digital interactions (through email and online).


Ten years at Montague Road video

You may remember that the Library celebrated ten years at our current location back in February. As part of the special celebration, Library officer Ben created a video chronicling the change to the new location in 2003 featuring then Mayor Lesley Purdom, staff and Library users.  Check out the video below.


10 years at Montague Road!

ExteriorJanuary 20th marked the day that the Library opened at its current location, ten years ago in 2003! We had a huge launch day back then with around 4000 people through the doors.

To celebrate this milestone, the Library is hosting a special 10 year event on Friday February 8th at 11.00am.  Come along and hear from staff past and present as well as elected members talk about their memories of the move and how the Library has become a valued and loved community hub. More info on our website.

Remember the training room closure!

PCsYou may recall that we are becoming the Modbury Digital Hub in 2013 as part of the National Broadband Network roll out.

The first stage will be a revamp of the Training Room beginning tomorrow Thursday January 3. We’ll be taking out all of the PCs from this room and most of the furniture to make way for some building works and some new equipment.

You’ll still be able to book and use any of the other PCs in the Library. We anticipate we’ll be able to use the room again from January 28.

Training Room closure

3320679_lThe Library is soon to become a Digital Hub for Modbury as the new National Broadband Network (NBN) is rolled out in 2013! You’ll start to see some changes in the Library from January as we begin upgrades to some of the equipment and modifications to the public space.

The first stage will be a revamp of the Training Room beginning on Thursday January 3. We’ll be taking out all of the PCs from this room and most of the furniture to make way for some building works and some new equipment. You’ll still be able to book and use any of the other PCs in the Library. We anticipate we’ll be able to use the room again from January 28.

Art Gallery Volunteer Team

Council is looking for interested and committed people to join its newly formed Art Gallery Volunteer Team. Volunteers for this program will be actively involved in the initial establishment and the on-going operation of the Old Council Chamber (OCC) as an equitable arts centre for the whole community.

The Art Gallery Volunteer team will:

  • Provide a high level of friendly customer service to gallery visitors, hirers of the space and gift shop patrons
  • Support and promote local artists through the provision of a dedicated art space
  • Be engaged in the development of a healthy and vibrant arts community
  • Be committed for a period of two years and be willing to attend team meetings and volunteer in a customer service capacity for a minimum of 6-10 hours per fortnight

If this sounds like you, we would love to receive your online registration form! If you would like more info and a copy of the position description, email  Melaina Tate, Library Partnerships

Registrations close 15 October 2012

Library chutes are open again!

The new chutes are open and ready for your returns.

The renovations to the Library return chutes and chute room have been completed and the chutes are open for business.
We’re pretty happy with the results.

Here’s a peek at what lies behind the wall…

Our new bins and moveable checkin equipment.

To follow the project from start to finish, view our Chute Room Renovations 2012  album on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ttglibrary.

The chutes are closed!

From Tuesday March 13, the 24 hour return chutes will be closed whilst we renovate the chute room and the equipment inside. We expect this will take around a week. During this time items can only be returned within the Library during regular opening hours. However if this is inconvenient feel free to return your items the following week as you won’t incur any late fees for items due during the closure!