My Work Experience at the Library

Work Experince Student, Natasha(top left hand side), enjoying the Alice in Wonderland themed photo shoot.

Work experince student, Natasha (top left), enjoying the library’s Alice in Wonderland themed photo shoot.

One of my favourite hobbies is reading, so when I learned that I would have to do a week of work experience I thought the obvious choice would be the Tea Tree Gully Library. Having gone on their website and filled out the online application, I thought I would be waiting long, but I got a call later that week. An interview was scheduled and I was accepted. I was both excited and nervous. It would be out of my comfort zone, but I would be surrounded by books so the pros pretty much outweighed the cons.

When I walked in on my first day I was nervous, as I said; this was out of my comfort zone. I was scared that I would get in everyone’s way, work too slowly, or mess up. But my fear was not needed, everyone was very welcoming and took their time to explain the tasks to me and I caught on fast enough. The parts I enjoyed the most were probably shelving and working in the chute.

Doing my work experience at the library has helped me with my communication skills and has helped me become more confident when handling a task. If you’re looking for somewhere to do your work experience, I definitely suggest doing it at Tea Tree Gully Library.

Twice the Fun

Work Experience Student, Jemma, making a new friend

Work experience student, Jemma, making a new friend

This year I had the pleasure of doing work experience not once but twice at The City of Tea Tree Gully Library.

When I did my initial work experience in July, I learned the basics of how the library works including shelving and returning books. I was amazed at the hard work that goes into preparing the books so they are ready for the public to borrow.

Staff were also busy assisting patrons with queries, sorting out IT problems, as well as planning and presenting events so the public can enjoy some fun with friends and family. I even had the chance to be involved in the Animals Anonymous school holiday session and had the opportunity to hold a snake.

It is now December and I am back to do the second half of my placement and I am feeling a great deal more confident. I can work faster and everything is much easier. Most of the tasks that I have done so far are similar to what I have done previously. Some new tasks have been introduced and there will be new events happening later on in the week which should be exciting to do.

Overall, everything is the same as last time; the staff are still hard at work, talking with patrons, sorting out problems, cataloguing and shelving books, etc. Doing work experience here has really boosted my confidence and skills. I now have a good knowledge of what the public like to read, watch, and listen to as well as the sorts of events they like to attend.

Those who are looking for a place to do their work experience, especially those who like reading books, should look no further than the CTTG Library. Doing a placement here is not only great for experiencing what it is like to work in a public library but a great way to get inspiration for other careers to. The shelves are packed with both fiction and non fiction books on history, health, life, science, art and much more.

My Work Experience

I will never forget my time at the City of Tea Tree Gully Library. At first I was nervous but as the weeks went by I became more relaxed and confident.

The Library is a busy environment and generally staff members do an hour of one activity before moving on to the next task. Consequently, I was given the oppotunity to be involved in many activities like Storytime, the Chute, the Customer Service Desk and the Pick List. What I most enjoyed was helping with the Pick List because I liked the challenge of going all over the Library trying to find the items requested by patrons and other libraries.

Everyone was friendly, respectful, and willing to help me with any questions I asked. Throughout my work experience, I developed a good rapport with them especially those I was ‘buddied’ up with.

I really enjoyed my time at the Library, as it not only enabled me to do what I love, but has also helped me gain an insight into what a Librarian/Library Assistant does. I would certainly recommend this work experience program to others, especially book lovers like me.


My Rewarding Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of another human being? This is an experience that I believe only books can offer you.

Work Experience Student Emily

Work Experience Student Emily

I’m a young adult myself, and I often find my peers to be very closed minded when it comes to reading. Some people perceive the idea of reading to be boring and a waste of time. I personally think they just haven’t found the right book yet!It was this passion for reading that lead me to do a week of work experience at the City of Tea Tree Gully Library.

I have learnt more about the Library than I ever expected, and it has changed my perception of libraries completely. The Library offers books, technology use and many programs to the community. It gives patrons a welcoming and relaxing area to study and read, giving everyone the opportunity to learn new and interesting things. One thing I have learnt from doing my work experience in the Library  is that it is very much about giving to the community and all of the staff work extremely hard and put in a lot of effort to do just that.

My brother also did work experience here when he was in Year 10. He spoke very highly of his week in the Library and now I completely understand why. I am very thankful for the opportunity that I have had, and the many new skills that I will take with me into the future.

Written by: Emily – work experience student @ City of Tea Tree Gully Library

Stephanie’s Book Banter


Book Review – Legend by Marie Lu

Work Experience Student Stephanie checking out the Library's Teen Area

Work Experience Student Stephanie checking out the Library’s Teen Area.

Do you want to know about my favourite novel of all time? Well, you have come to the right place!

Last year I picked up a book. It didn’t have a particularly fancy cover, or even a great title, but it did have a very interesting blurb. The author of this book is Marie Lu and there are two main characters, Day and June. The genre of this book is science fiction and it is written for young adults. 

15-year-old June was born into a wealthy family. She is a child prodigy; trained to succeed in her country’s highest military force. Day, on the other hand, was born into a poor family, and survival is his main goal in life.

June’s brother Metias perishes by the hand of a murderer. Day becomes the prime suspect and June hunts him down, grief stricken and hungry for revenge.

As the two characters meet they realise that there is more to this than they once thought. They uncover dark secrets about their country, bringing upon them menacing consequences. It is a world of sickness and death and one with little freedom.

The book is also sparked with romance and action, giving you a jolt multiple times and leaving you wanting to read more and more.

I highly recommend this book for you or a friend. It will take you on an amazing ride, leaving you feeling at once lifeless and invigorated.

Written by: Stephanie – Work Experience student @ City of Tea Tree Gully Library

An Amazing Week of Work Experience

Have you ever wondered what it was like to work at the City of Tea Tree Gully Library? Recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do just that and I can tell you that I  had an amazing experience full of enjoyment and happiness. I learned everyday life and work skills that I can use not only today but in the future.

Throughout my week at the Library, I worked alongside a hard working team who showed and taught me so many things. I learned how to give good customer service as well as the ins and outs of how a public library functions. I enjoyed very much talking to each of the staff working at the Library. They encouraged, supported me and always gave me positive feedback, especially when I didn’t understand something or didn’t know how to accomplish a specific task. I must say that my communication skills and my confidence have risen upwards, due to the fact that I have been working out of my comfort zone whilst being supported by an intelligent and caring group of people.

Work Experience Student Clara

In conclusion, I must say that I enjoyed every single minute of my time at the Library and I would definitely recommend the work experience program to those I know. I will take away many new skills as well as having had lots of fun.

Written by: Clara – Work Experience Student @ City of Tea Tree Gully Library

An Inspiring Experience

Ever wondered what actually happens behind the scenes at the Tea Tree Gully Library? I know I have, which is just one reason that I chose to do my work experience there.

Work Experience Student Taylor

My experience at the Library has been memorable. I have acquired new skills and spent time with some amazing people. During my time here I have been able to join in on lots of fun activities. My favourites by far would be Storytime and Baby Bounce.

In Baby Bounce, we sang and danced with the little ones and  my favourite song/rhyme was “The Grand Old Duke of York”. Everyone, including the babies and parents, was enjoying themselves. The most memorable part of Baby Bounce was seeing the children having loads of fun!

During Storytime, the theme was farm animals. We read stories like “The Big Sneeze” and “Where’s Woolly”. When the children had completed a craft project they came up to get a sticker from me. It really is inspiring to see the staff get into the stories and songs. It truly gave me a feeling of awe.

I’m going to miss coming to the Library for work experience.  I might even come back next week and start shelving books just for fun…

Written by: Taylor – Work Experience Student @ City of Tea Tree Gully Library

….And You Thought the Internet Was Powerful

Ever found yourself browsing the web for information on that ‘forgotten’ assignment that’s due tomorrow? Have you searched Google, Yahoo, Bing, and every possible web address spanning to the edge of cyberspace? Perhaps you were looking too far ahead the whole time…

There’s no need to sugarcoat it – in today’s age, the World Wide Web is a powerful tool for anyone who can wield a mouse and keyboard. However, as technology grows – expanding the internet from computers to smart phones and tablets – people begin to forget about the simple things.

Work Experience Student Alex

After spending a week doing work experience at the Tea Tree Gully Library, I’ve come to realize just how relevant books still are. They have yet to ‘fade into obscurity’, and I hope they never do.

After spending time  shelving books, I naturally began to read some of the titles of the big and small clusters of bound pages… and boy did I discover some interesting topics! On one occasion, I found a book dedicated to explaining the genre of Steampunk (don’t know what that is? Check the Library!) – it was complete with plenty of pictures to explain how everything worked. Yet, not even two weeks ago, I was searching the big wide web for things on steampunk… and found only half of what that one book provided!

The next time you’re doing a project on Victorian Arts, or researching information on the oldest lighthouses in South Australia, try looking in the library for the information you seek.

Don’t underestimate one of the oldest forms of communication since the creation of society!

Written by: Alex – Work Experience Student @ City of Tea Tree Gully Library

My Wondrous Time in the Land of the Tea Tree Gully Library

Libraries are often perceived as being places that are quiet and only for the reading of books. However, I have discovered that this is not really the case, and that libraries are in fact places that are very interesting and where you can have an adventure around every corner. How do I know this you may ask? Well, I recently did my work experience at a place I have admired all my life, the amazing Tea Tree Gully Library.

Work Experience Student Samuel

When I first walked into the Library, I was a little worried at how my time at the Library would be. I was not sure if I was going to be too annoying to the staff or if I would be too slow in doing things or even not do things right. I was so wrong; the staff were all very kind and considerate and I appreciated how everyone took the time to show me how things should be done.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to do my work experience at the CTTG Library. The tasks I had the opportunity to be involved in included shelving, working on the Customer Service Desk, assisting in the Chute, Children’s and Youth activities and working at the “Ask Here” desk. In the end I learnt the ropes and was able to do the tasks with very little help.

During my time at the library I was involved in some awesome things and I enjoyed every minute of everyday with the staff. My favourite assigned tasks were working in the Chute and working at the Customer Service Desk serving people. I would love to get a job at the Library in the near future.

Written by: Samuel – Work Experience Student @ City of Tea Tree Gully Library

Behind the Scenes at Tea Tree Gully Library

I have always loved books and reading, so it seemed logical that I do my work experience in a library. From the outside libraries seemed like quiet, relaxing places until I started my placement at the Tea Tree Gully Library. I now know that there are so many jobs to be done in order to keep the library running smoothly.

Work Experience Student Julie

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous before starting work experience, mostly because I didn’t want to be an inconvenience to the staff members. I needn’t have worried because I was welcomed by everyone and I certainly didn’t feel as though I was in the way. All the supervisors and staff members are friendly, supportive and they don’t expect too much of you.

Also, I loved the fact that I was able to be involved in various activities, rather than just observing other people. In just five days I learnt so much. Some of the activities that I was involved in were shelving, returning and checking out items, scanning items in the chute, covering new books with contact, sitting in on an Internet training session and being a part of Story Time, Baby Bounce and Toddler Time.

If you’d like to do your work experience in a pleasant and professional environment, I totally recommend the Tea Tree Gully Library. You are constantly learning great things and you will get a realistic idea of what it is like in the workforce.

Written by Julie – Work Experience Student @ the City of Tea Tree Gully Library