Miles Franklin Award 2012 winner – Anna Funder

Debut novelist Anna Funder was awarded the Miles Franklin Award 2012 for her novel, All That I Am.

Anna Funder

On behalf of the 2012 judging panel Prof Gillian Whitlock reflected on the novel saying “The judges admired this ambitious novel that moves across continents and decades to remind us that experiences of exile and dislocation have long been part of Australian life.”

Find a copy of the award winning book in the Library here.

Anna has also penned an internationally recognized non-fiction book, Stasiland which also recounts tales of bravery, betrayal and suffering in the daily chaos of former East Germany.

Congratulations Anna!

More information about the Miles Franklin Literary Award can be found here.

A week in the City of Tea Tree Gully Library

To start off, the stigma behind libraries is not true. They are places bustling with noise and activity. Aside from being able to smell the ‘new book’ smell, you can also smell a freshly brewed coffee from Scribes Café.

For the first few days I was learning the ropes and how to not get ‘checked in’ books mixed up with ‘non-checked’ in books. I spent a lot of my time over the week shelving, at the Customer Service Desk (CSD), ‘Ask Here Desk’ and in the chute room. I also processed new books and discovered that plastic adhesive hates me! I helped set up for the Teen Reading Group Cover2Cover (a big shout out to the totally awesome people in it!), and the Local History event ‘As Time Slides By.’ I also helped in Baby Bounce, Toddler Time and Storytime and I am still convinced that the little kids only liked me because I had Elmo!

Work experience student, Nikita

Friday was a sad day as it was my last one! I shelved my last book (until I go through my own books at home!), worked on my blog post and had to say goodbye to the really fantastic, hardworking and extremely patient people who work here.

I really recommend doing your work experience here as you are always doing something and constantly learning. This is an awesome place to work; everyone is so friendly and willing to let me have a go. Thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome from day one and I hope to see you all around in the library!

Written by: Nikita – Work Experience Student @ City of Tea Tree Gully Library

The thoughts of a Work Experience student

Work experience – it’s something that we have all had to do at some point in our lives.

Work experience student, Anton

I have always enjoyed visiting the City of Tea Tree Gully Library regularly, as I love reading and enjoy spending time in the peace and tranquility that is the Library. I figured that if I had to do work experience, I might as well complete it somewhere that I would really enjoy and respect the experience and the skills and knowledge that I was receiving.

Learning the skills of the library such as shelving, cataloguing and borrowing are really great skills to have for the future, if I wish to have a career in a library-based role.

I have been a member of the City of Tea Tree Gully Library for five years. It has been a great for me to go behind the scenes and see back-room functions that customers don’t generally see, and I have been amazed. I have now seen the amount of hard work and what the integral roles are in the library. The staff at the City of Tea Tree Gully have welcomed me warmly and have been really friendly since I have arrived for work experience.

Having work experience here is an experience that I will never forget. Thank you for having me!

Written by: Anton – Work Experience Student @ City of Tea Tree Gully Library

Miles Franklin Award Shortlist 2012

This year’s Miles Franklin Literary Award Shortlist has been announced and includes two first-time novelists.

The shortlist is:

  1. Tony Birch: Blood, University of Queensland Press
  2. Anna Funder: All That I Am, Hamish Hamilton (Penguin Group Australia)
  3. Gillian Mears: Foal’s Bread, Allen & Unwin
  4. Frank Moorhouse: Cold Light, Vintage (Random House Australia)
  5. Favel Parrett: Past the Shallows, Hachette Australia

Click on a link to find the book here in the Library.

Stella Miles Franklin

The award was established by celebrated author Stella Miles Franklin, best known for her novel ‘My Brilliant Career,’ and is Australia’s oldest and most renowned literary prize. The winning novel in her words “must present Australian life in any of its phases”, and a $50,000 prize is awarded to the successful author.

Last year’s award went to Kim Scott for That Deadman Dance.

The 2012 winner will be announced on June 20 at the State Library of Queensland and we’ll post it here – stay tuned!

National Volunteer Week 2012 – Every One Counts!

We are most of the way through National Volunteer Week but it certainly isn’t over! On Thursday, a group of Library Volunteers went on an exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes’ Library Tour that took them to the depths of the Library’s backrooms and gave them an opportunity to see, first hand, the all important mechanics of running a large library service.

Library Volunteers with tour-guide Symon on the ‘Behind the Scenes’ Library Tour

On a similar note, there is a lot of work carried out by our Volunteers that extends past the Library doors which makes a huge difference in our community. The City of Tea Tree Gully Library has over 90 volunteers who contribute their time and skills to help us deliver Library services and programs to meet the needs of many people in the Tea Tree Gully community. They’re all extraordinary people and we’d like to say thanks!

Happy National Volunteer Week!

Are you a fan of romantic comedy movies?

If your answer is ‘yes’, I am going to introduce you to two romantic comedy movies I like.

The first one, which you may have heard of , is called ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ It is a play written by William Shakespeare about 400 years ago and was adapted into a movie in 2004 by BBC. The romantic comedy is about four warring couples, a donkey’s head, and a gaggle of fairies. It is magical and delightful. I like it because it is very funny, and very meaningful. The movie tells us what true love is and tells us about life. If you are interested in this movie or the original play, come into the Library and ask one of our friendly staff members, I am sure they will be glad to help you find a copy. You can also find the DVD and reserve a copy on the catalogue here.

Work experience student - Jessie

The other  is a French movie with English subtitles called ‘Amelie.’ Amelie Poulain is the main character who lives in Paris, she is introverted, but with an extroverted imagination. She is passionate about the small pleasures of life; skimming stones over water and cracking the top of her creme brulee with a spoon. Amelie decides to change the lives of people around her for the better. She gives a new lease on life to the lonely or unloved, and punishes her nasty neighbours. However, when she has a crush on Nino she struggles with her own situation. I think Amelie is kind, cute, warm hearted and interesting –  she says “It’s better to help people than garden gnomes.” In fact, if Amelie was a real person, I would like to be friends with her. This movie is also interesting, lovely and funny.

Written by Jessie – work experience student @ City of Tea Tree Gully Library

Harmony Day 2012 – wrap up!

Harmony Day celebrations were a huge success here at the Library with over 400 hands being decorated and displayed as part of the special craft activity – ‘Hands Across Our Community.’ Storytime sessions with a Harmony Day theme that ran across the week were also a great way for children and adults alike to share in the fun.

Our Library staff members also got involved by wearing orange, the official colour of Harmony Day.

Thanks to everyone who took part and helped to make this a vibrant and colourful celebration of cultural diversity in our community.

‘Hands Across Our Community’ for Harmony Day

Harmony Day, on March 21, is a celebration of cultural diversity across Australia. It is a wonderful opportunity to understand and reflect on how Australians of many backgrounds live together, and Imagemake our democratic nation and our local community better places.

 ‘Play, Engage, Inspire’ is the key message for Harmony Day this year and we hope that everyone will find an activity to get involved in and inspire others to do the same.

The Library is running activities to celebrate Harmony Day from 13—20 March. Express your identity by creating a unique set of hands that can be displayed in the Library from Tuesday 13 March, or join us for special Harmony Day themed Storytime sessions on Monday 19, Tuesday 20 and Friday 23 March from 10:15 –11am.

No bookings are required and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Have you met Miss Phryne Fisher?

Australia’s leading lady detective is about to sashay into lounge rooms this weekend when the TV series ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’’ premieres on the ABC.

Both sophisticated and smart, Phryne Fisher is the ultimate pin-up girl when it comes to solving crime on the dimly lit streets of Melbourne in the roaring 1920’s with her sense of adventure and ability to get the job done. This thoroughly modern woman is driven by a dark history of her own but, with all the charm and grace of a screen siren, delivers justice to those who need it most.

Borrow a Phryne Fisher mystery by Australian author Kerry Greenwood from the library today and embrace the cool elegance of this sassy sherlock in book, spoken word and large print formats with titles such as ‘Cocaine Blues’, ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ and ‘Death Before Wicket.’

Now cue the jazz music….

Get down and literary with the National Year of Reading

I’m very proud to be a librarian and I’m a huge supporter of life long learning but I’m sad to say –  I just don’t read enough! However, if there was any year to get myself into gear it would be twenty-twelve for it is the National Year of Reading. Inspired recently by some very clever women out there I have a theme to my recreational reading pursuits – “Beginnings.” I’ll be searching out first novels by cult authors Julian Barnes and Martin Amis, and, reaching for debut novels that are released this year by Australian authors. Celebrate and participate in the National Year of Reading however you choose but if you’re looking for somewhere to start Public Library Services is hosting a launch on Tuesday 14 February from 12pm under the Gawler Place Canopy in Rundle Mall, Adelaide. Included on the list of guests is the charming Mem Fox who will be reading from one of her famous books. So scrap all of your Valentine’s Day plans and get literary with your fine self.

You can find all of the official details here.