Selecting items for the collection…

New non-fiction materialsWe take great pride in being able to select resources for the community.  I will admit it is seen as one of the fun parts of our role.  Spending money is always enjoyable, but given the materials are for the benefit of the whole community, it is a role we take very seriously.   

We are often asked what our criteria is for selecting items for and removing items from the collection.   To answer all these questions and provide additional information we have a Collection Development Statement.  This document outlines the criteria we use  and describes the variety of collection types available for loan and for use in the Library.

Go the Crows!!!

Once again Crows supporters on staff are revved up for Saturday nights semi-final clash against Collingwood at the MCG.   There is much anticipation in the lead up to the game.  A win will see the team advance to the preliminary final against Geelong – we hope.   

There are even some dedicated fans who are heading over to Victoria for the clash!  Let’s hope they have a safe journey, and that we are all back in front of the guernsey next Friday!  Excited Crows fans

Come along to the Library wearing your Crows gear to show your support!  

When you are visiting the Library,  glance up at the flagpole in front of the Council building which is flying the Crows flag, purchased by all Council staff when the Crows were last premiers.

New book to be enjoyed!

Cooking childrenIn the middle of the school holidays, while working on the Information desk , Chris shared with me a new book that has recently been added to the collection.   We had such a good laugh, I encouraged her to write this short review.  Thanks Chris!

Do you need a read that will take away the stress of the school holidays?  Do you need to laugh so hard that you will fall of your seat?  Not for the faint hearted, How to cook Children – a grisly receipe book  is full of tantalising flavours and exotic ingredients.  You will laugh so hard your sides will ache!   The advertisements at the back of the book, by the author and illustrator are one of the real highlights.  We suggest you read them closely.   

Of course this book is not to be taken seriously and we encourage everyone to have a laugh.

Wheelie fun time…

With and without wheelsIf you have visited the library this week, you may have been fooled into thinking we acquired new shelving.  However this is not the case.  Instead, wheels have been added to the children’s and the large print collection.  We want a more flexible library space  catering for larger audiences.   Adding wheels was the best solution.  During the next few weeks, both collections will be re-arranged to take advantage of the natural light and views of Civic Park.Cleaning shelves

Having wheels fitted to the shelving sounds easy.  However, it did involve moving all the books in both collections.  Many thanks to the staff who cleaned the shelves and shifted  all the books.

Prizes coming soon…

Prizes coming soon!

On Monday and Tuesday this week, some of our staff were fortunate to attend a public library conference in Adelaide, run by Public Libraries of South Australia.  There were speakers, both international and from around Australia, who told a range of stories about new libraries, exciting programs and gave us some great ideas which we will be putting into practice at your library.

In addition to the inspirational speakers, we also had the opportunity to speak to the exhibitors who supply materials and services for public libraries, which we then make available to you.  While visiting one of the stalls,we entered a competition and were one of the lucky winners of  a bag of items kindly donated by Adelaide Library Supplies.  We will be giving away these items as prizes for you over the next couple of months – so keep your eyes open!

Book sale….


This past week we’ve been deleting a few items from the children’s non-fiction and CD collection.   Over the next few days you will see some of these appear on the book sale shelf in the library.  When this photo was taken, there were a few people crowded around the shelves picking some bargains. 

All items on the sale shelf are 50 cents each.

Interested in more Austen?

Attending the library event last year on the Regency period inspired me to re-read the works of Jane Austen. As there are only six major books by Jane Austen this took no time at all. However, since the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice in the BBC mini series in 1995, there have been a large number of sequels written about the life of the Bennet sisters.   While we do have a large number of the titles at the library, here are the ones I can recommend:

For those Jane Austen fans in search of a good DVD, try Lost in Austen, which was recently featured on the ABC.

What is your favourite Austen adaptation?

Returning items…

Returned materialsWhile the school holidays are drawing to a close, and the rain is finally beginning to fall, library items never stop being returned. Even when we’re closed! The return chutes are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we are pleased that they are well used. The picture is an example of what staff see when we come to clear following a day of being closed. You maybe interested to know that over Easter, there were a few dedicated staff who came in especially to ensure the items were ready and available for when the library opened on the Tuesday, after the public holidays. By the end of Tuesday 14 April, the Library had 8,709 items returned – which was a lot to shelve!

Language warning!


The other week it was suggested that we should place a language warning on all books within the collection that contain profanities.  While we understand the request, it is important to recognise that each person within the community has a differing level of acceptability regarding language used in published materials.  This is recognised in the Council’s Library Service Policy.   Authors do not go out of their way to include profanities to upset readers, but include them because they are in the nature of the characters they are writing.

All materials purchased within collection meet the standards set by the Office of Film and Literature Classification, and have been purchased from local book suppliers.

While the Library is closed…


Over the Christmas public holiday period, the City of Tea Tree Gully Library was closed for two and a half days.  Due to the large number of returned items, it was evident that you are aware that the book return chute is conveniently open 24 – 7!  Even on Christmas Day, there were people returning library items.

On Boxing Day, there were a few elves present checking in the materials that had been returned through the book chute. Due to their efficiency with the task, they even had some time to shelve a few items.  This was greatly appreciated, as it  made the workload easier for staff who worked on the Saturday following Christmas.