Way back when, Wednesdays

Naked not certifiable

During the recent heatwave you might have been tempted to shed most of your clothing and walk around in next to nothing at home. Especially when you had to clean up and cook. On page 8 of the 1 April 1965 edition, the Leader Messenger featured a letter from a man calling himself BEWILDERED, who complained that his wife always did the housework in the nude. ‘Fifty Fifty’ was a column in the Messenger newspaper in which “men and women from all over Adelaide speak their minds freely on their hopes, their problems, their fears and what they really think of each other.”

It is astounding how little the writer seems to care for his wife. This man is just looking for an excuse to get rid of his spouse. We might consider that his wife’s behaviour is an eccentricity, while BEWILDERED wants to have her declared insane and put into a psychiatric hospital.

The following week on 8 April, on page 8, the Messenger printed replies to BEWILDERED from two of its readers. The female respondent tells him off for his backward prudish attitude, suggesting BEWILDERED should be the one to be committed and that he should try following his wife’s example. The male respondent quite likes the idea of watching a naked lady working around the house and suggests that he could move in instead!