Way back when, Wednesdays

Band, bugs or a Volksy?

The Leader Messenger reported on a pre-wedding function in the edition of 9 August 1967. We may never know if this party actually featured a Beatles tribute band (imagine, your event makes the paper but the reporter or typesetter makes an awful error). Maybe the couple were fans of the Volkswagen Beetle and this vehicle was also used as their wedding car! Or could it be that Miss Mary Christie and Dr John Dickens just loved beetles? Perhaps a shared hobby of amateur entomology brought them together? Did they decorate with colourful ladybird and scarab motifs and snack on Rowntree Hoadley’s Bertie Beetle chocolates?

Mary’s friends prepared her well for her new role as a 60s housewife, with gifts of money and a cookbook. Come to think of it, we still need money in 2016. Many couples set up a ‘wishing well’ at their weddings and home cooking is in fashion again.