Way back when, Wednesdays

Who rules the world? Girls!

Beyonce released her song in 2011. Recently Britain recently appointed its second female prime minister Theresa May. Should the Democrats win the 2016 US election, Hilary Clinton will be named the first Madame President. Hilary, Condaleeza Rice and Madeleine Albright have all served in the highly responsible position of US Secretary of State, the President’s chief foreign affairs adviser. It is a job which involves representing their country overseas and carrying out the foreign policy of the United States.

But in 1977 the idea of women in power was the subject of comedy. The Leader Messenger ran a story on page 22 of the 7 August edition, promoting the first major production of local theatre group Tea Tree Players called No time for Fig Leaves.

By modern standards, it is interesting how the play centres on how women ‘try to run the world’ without success (of course) and that ‘power is in the hands of the least attractive of the women’. For a female, being unattractive equates with being in charge!