Volunteer book buying trips – an annual highlight

Without question, one of the best parts of working in a library is being able to buy new books for the collection. Especially when we can buy the books right here in Adelaide.

It feels good to support independent, family-owned bookshops and enjoy browsing their wide selections and beautiful displays.


Library Volunteer Mike, at Dillons Bookshop in Norwood

Every year in early autumn, the library takes a busload of volunteers to Dillons Bookshop in Norwood, where everyone gets a small budget and plenty of browsing time to find new books. It’s a small reward to thank our team of volunteers for their time and commitment.

Funds for the buying trip come from the proceeds of the library’s secondhand book sales.


One of our volunteers, Molly, browsing books on the shopping tour.

The diverse range of interests among the volunteers ensures the library receives plenty of new books on a number of topics.

From the recent purchase trip we now have beautiful new cookbooks, art books, fashion books, travel books, technical books, gorgeous children’s picture books, poetry collections and lots more in the library collection.


Some of the new books, ready to be catalogued back in the library.


The team enjoying milkshakes and coffee in Norwood Mall, after book purchasing.

Volunteers are a lifeblood to Tea Tree Gully Library. Everyday they help us to shelve thousands of books, assist children, teens, families and the elderly, teach IT skills, search family history records, deliver books to the homes of elderly customers and much more.

If you are interested in volunteering at the library (and buying new library books!) please register your interest on Council’s Volunteer website