Leah’s work experience story at the library

Work experience student Leah recently spent a week with us here at Tea Tree Gully Library. Like many other students, she was surprised to find how busy the library was and discover what goes on behind the scenes. Here’s what she had to say about her time:

“After managing to obtain work experience at the Tea Tree Gully Library for a whole week, I began my first day filled with anticipation and excitement, ready to experience first-hand what a work environment was like. Throughout the week I was so pleased with not only the variety of things I was able to engage in, but also the lovely people I worked alongside and the sense of responsibility I had while being in a work environment entrusted with important tasks.  The week started with a performance put on for primary school kids by the Splash Theatre Co. at the Golden Grove Recreation Centre (for Book Week).

Book Week 2015 at the Golden Grove Arts Centre

Book Week 2015 at the Golden Grove Arts Centre

Colourful characters from Splash Theatre Co., who performed at Book Week 2015

“Other tasks included working in the Chute Room, being on the front counter doing customer service, shelving books and hold items, going through old newspapers to find some hilarious old advertisements and stories. Also participating in the Fun For Under Fives activities open to the public, including Story Time where I read a book to some entertaining young children and sung songs and rhymes with toddlers and babies.
“Overall, my week’s work experience was busy and definitely introduced me to how hectic a job can be, but also incredibly fun and engaging. Not once did I find myself wishing I was doing something else and I actually looked forward to the next day and the tasks it brought. My favourite experience would have to be the Pick List (searching for a list of requested books/other items on shelves and then scanning them and printing dockets for customers to pick them up) as I was able to see every genre of book and move through the entire library, seeing just how much it had to offer. My work experience was incredible and I had a wonderful time!”

Leah Schamschurin

If you or someone you know is interested in doing a work experience placement at Tea Tree Gully Library, please complete the online form