Last Days! Fireballs in the Sky exhibition

Until 5pm, Sunday 3 May.  City of Tea tree Gully Library.

Free exhibition.  No need to book.

alice springs meteorite

Before plummeting at top speed into the Australian wilderness where it became a meteorite, this little rock used to be spinning around between Mars and Jupiter in the Asteroid Belt.

This palisade meteorite is made of material from the core of an asteroid.  Maybe it was even around at the time of the Big Bang!  It is amazing to think that meteorites can help scientists learn about the origins of our planetary system which gives them an insight into how dust and gas produced a planet capable of supporting life – our Earth.


What is the difference between meteoroids, meteors and meteorites? Find out when you visit the free exhibition in the Relaxed Reading Area of the Library.  See some real meteorites too.

You will also learn about The Desert Fireball Network (DFN), a network of digital cameras in the outback desert of Australia, which captures photographs of ‘falling stars’.  Discover how you can contribute to the Fireballs in the Sky project just by downloading an app and watching the night sky.

hand using app