Twice the Fun

Work Experience Student, Jemma, making a new friend

Work experience student, Jemma, making a new friend

This year I had the pleasure of doing work experience not once but twice at The City of Tea Tree Gully Library.

When I did my initial work experience in July, I learned the basics of how the library works including shelving and returning books. I was amazed at the hard work that goes into preparing the books so they are ready for the public to borrow.

Staff were also busy assisting patrons with queries, sorting out IT problems, as well as planning and presenting events so the public can enjoy some fun with friends and family. I even had the chance to be involved in the Animals Anonymous school holiday session and had the opportunity to hold a snake.

It is now December and I am back to do the second half of my placement and I am feeling a great deal more confident. I can work faster and everything is much easier. Most of the tasks that I have done so far are similar to what I have done previously. Some new tasks have been introduced and there will be new events happening later on in the week which should be exciting to do.

Overall, everything is the same as last time; the staff are still hard at work, talking with patrons, sorting out problems, cataloguing and shelving books, etc. Doing work experience here has really boosted my confidence and skills. I now have a good knowledge of what the public like to read, watch, and listen to as well as the sorts of events they like to attend.

Those who are looking for a place to do their work experience, especially those who like reading books, should look no further than the CTTG Library. Doing a placement here is not only great for experiencing what it is like to work in a public library but a great way to get inspiration for other careers to. The shelves are packed with both fiction and non fiction books on history, health, life, science, art and much more.