Outback adventures with Kathy

Following on from the globetrotting journeys of Sonya and Chris as reported last week, staff member Kathy shows us some of her equally stunning exploits a little closer to home.

A quiet falt campsite a little way from the dustbowl the main camping ground became

A quiet flat campsite a little way from the dustbowl the main camping ground would become.

An avid 4WD adventurer, Kathy and her family recently returned from far west Queensland where they attended the Big Red Bash, an outback concert on the largest sand dune in the Simpson Desert. Not for the faint-hearted, a trip to Big Red requires some hefty 4 wheel drive work after a less-than-leisurely 1500km trek north from Adelaide to Birdsville.

As they say, the journey is half the fun with stop-overs in remote and character filled locales like Leigh Creek, Maree, Clayton Station and Mungerannie Pub along the way.

big red attempt

It’s a steady slog up Big Red

After finding the perfect campsite at Big Red, a 4WD adventure isn’t complete without actually driving up the dunes! After some Pajero practice out in the desert, Kathy’s daughter Stacey tackled the big one with a successful ascent on her first attempt!


Starting just after dinner, the outback concert carried on over two nights featuring classic Aussie rockers, Darryl Braithwaite,  James Reyne and Ross Wilson.

big red concert

The concert with Big Red as the glorious backdrop

It’s not a 4WD adventure without the obligatory breakage of something, this time a starter motor problem ensured Kathy and family had a legitimate excuse to stay in the bush for a couple of extra days!

big red - susnset at Birdsville

Who wouldn’t want to stay an extra day or so with this on your doorstep?

The Library  has an extensive  range of 4WD and Australian adventure resources, so come see us (and Kathy!) if you’re planning an outback Australia  journey.

Stay tuned for further adventures of our travelling staff!