Anstey’s Favourite Read: Bridie’s Boots

Anstey, the Tea Tree Gully Library’s resident echidna, would like to recommend the new children’s book ‘Bridie’s Boots’, to little readers.

Bridie's Boots - the latest picture book written by SA Children's writer Phil Cummings

Bridie’s Boots – the latest picture book written by SA Children’s writer Phil Cummings

Written by Phil Cummings and illustrated by Sara Acton, this is a story about a little girl who learns to let go of treasured belongings, as she begins to grows up.

 When Bridie turned five she received a pair of gumboots, they were wrapped in rainbow paper and were the best boots ever. They kept her feet dry when it rained and when the sun came out she twirled on tiptoes in her boots. Bridie dreamed of all sorts of adventures in her boots in fact she could do anything in her boots. But when Bridie turned six her boots no longer fit her. ‘You’ve grown, Bridie,’ said her mum.

Bridie decides to give her boots away to charity so that someone else can wear them.  On the other side of the world the boots find a new owner who loves them as much as Bridie did.

This delightful story about goodwill, sharing and adventure is written by local author Phil Cummings. The Little Big Book Club recommends this book for children aged between 4 and 5 years.

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