6 Years Young!

6 birthdayToday marks the day 6 years ago that the Library ventured into Web 2.0 territory and launched our Off the Shelf Blog!

In that time we have written 818 blog posts, received 286 comments and have been visited 198,073 times!

Our busiest day was 24 October 2011 when we were visited 892 times, with the Zombies in the Library post being the most popular that day.


Our most popular post ever is Bob the Builder storytime, from 2009 being viewed 32,448 times, with a far off second place by Ever wondered what the oldest Library in the world is? with 14619 views.

And if you love statistics as much as I obviously do, the location of most of our visitors is of course Australia, followed by the USA, UK and with Germany coming in 4th place. Those Germans really love Bob the Builder it seems. We’ve also been visited by people in Iceland, Grenada, Guatemala and Tajikistan!

Do you have a favourite blog post from the archives?